Post-Holiday Skin Reset

Like everyone else, I spent this last week at my family’s house for the holidays. In a hurry to leave my apartment before the holiday rush, I forwent adding the extra weight of my excessive¬†skincare routine to my bag and took a face oil, a cleanser and that’s about it… hey, I can be lowkey sometimes! But between being inundated with sugary treats, late night drinks with friends, heavy holiday party makeup, and showering in hard water instead of the soft NYC water my skin is used to, things took a turn for the worse. I came back on Sunday with rough, dehydrated skin and I was breaking out – not exactly ideal. If you’re like me and just need a skin refresh post-holidays, here’s everything to grab:



If you don’t have a favorite already, One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleanser has been highly regarded as one of the best oil cleansers. If that word scares you – oil – it shouldn’t! Anyone and everyone can and should use a cleansing oil from time to time, especially those with super oily skin. It helps balance out your skin’s sebum production, and it’s unlike anything else at gently removing makeup. We love this cleanser from One Love Organics because it contains a fruit enzyme that softens the skin and a Vitamin B complex that detoxifies. If you have been wearing a lot of makeup lately, be sure to double cleanse with this and your regular cleanser!


Exfoliation is probably going to be your most important step. I’m a big fan of physical exfoliants so I started off with Root Science’s Polish Exfoliant– I’ve used it for years and it’s one of the best, my skin loves it. Be gentle and focus on the sections of skin that feel especially congested.

Since my skin was so rough, I did both physical and chemical exfoliation (which we rarely recommend). With light pressure and the right products, it can be done on occasion and can be well worth it!

The real secret weapon of this routine is Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Babyfacial. Wow! Certainly a life-changing product. It uses BHA’s and AHA’s to gently resurface the skin. After 20 minutes, your skin feels tighter, smoother, and totally revitalized.


Follow the Babyfacial promptly with a face oil as it can be a bit drying. The Drunk Elephant Marula Oil works in perfect synergy. It’s thick and nourishing, but not overbearing and lets your skin breathe.

Acne Treatment

When you’re dealing with stubborn acne, you just want something that works! Go for Indie Lee’s Blemish Lotion. It’s the clean version of that Mario Badescu drying lotion. By the next morning, your pimple will be less inflamed and dried up.

Laney swears by True Botanical’s Clear Line when she’s breaking out. She replaces her nightly application of Vintner’s Daughter with the Clear Radiance Oil and then spot treats with the Clear Serum. All good options.


Odacite is the queen of serums. There is a crazy amount to choose from to suit any skin concern and condition. They also sell serum cocktails, a pair of serums to work synergetically to deliver the best results. Choose an Odacite serum or cocktail that fits your needs, but in the case of dull and congested holiday skin, we recommend the Combination + Dull Complexion with Peach + Cypress and Passionfruit + Orange.

Vitamin C

Restore brightness to dull skin with Agent Nateur {Holi} C Booster. Add a few shakes to your favorite serum. Powder form is the best because it maintains its potency better. This one is specifically great because the founder Jena is methodical about where she sources her ingredients from and Vitamin C has to be carefully sourced.

Eye Cream

Before bed or under makeup, tap the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream under your eyes. The caffeine reduces puffiness and nourishing rosehip oil deeply hydrates the skin.



Post-Holiday Reset


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