Laney Crowell talks about her must have clean beauty products for pregnancy beauty today on The Moment

Pregnancy Beauty

We talk a lot about beauty on The Moment. I mean, we are a beauty site at the end of the day. My goal for this platform has always been to talk about, and redefine beauty in a new way though. Different from what we see in ads, and different from what people tell us beauty should mean.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m 9 ½ months pregnant as I write this. Pregnancy has been a really interesting time for me to be launching a site all about this topic, for many reasons. First of all, a lot of things change when you’re pregnant- your body, your skin, your hormones. And second, people look at you very differently, which makes you go deeeeeeep into your own feelings and self-perception.

Especially now that I’m farther along in my pregnancy, everyone feels very comfortable talking about your body, to your face. “You’re so small!” or “You’re so huge!” are daily comments. Probably the first time anyone has ever talked to my face about my body. And, when I first got pregnant, my skin broke out in a way that was straight up crazy. The worst breakouts of my life. I remember my boyfriend saying “I feel like I’ve seen your skin worse,” trying to be helpful, I’m sure.

Now while I couldn’t and can’t control my stomach expanding, my skin was something that I was determined to fix. I did a ton of research and now have a beauty arsenal that I rely on religiously. I even packed these items in my hospital bag!

Laney Crowell talks about her must have clean beauty products for pregnancy beauty today on The Moment

My hero product for breakouts has been True Botanicals Clear Line. I live by their Clear Serum, but truth be told, I would recommend buying the face wash, toner, and face oil as well if you’re really suffering from acne. Mine cleared up in a matter of days (and we’re talking deep, cystic acne). I love this line so much, we even got a discount code for our readers who want to try it! First time True Botanicals customers get $20 off their first purchase of True Botanicals with the code: LANEYTRUE20 (Note: it’s only valid on purchases $40 or more).

My other pregnancy beauty discovery is a new line called Peet Rivko. It’s formulated to be super, super gentle. I love all of the products, but the two I can’t live without are the Gentle Cleanser and the Body Oil. I actually wrote a love note to the cleanser a couple weeks ago because it’s such an important part of my beauty routine now! You can read all about it here, but I like to simply describe it as the clean, green version of Cetaphil.

I love to rub the Body Oil all over to help with the itching. If you’re pregnant, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then get ready. Basically, as your skin stretches, it starts to itch if it’s not hydrated. I’m lucky that I haven’t gotten any stretch marks, but skin hydration is super important for that too.

Laney Crowell talks about her must have clean beauty products for pregnancy beauty today on The Moment

Other products I’m really loving

Vintner’s Daughter: I actually found out I was pregnant right before we profiled April from Vintner’s Daughter (if you missed it here’s the link to the video). I could barely stand up when we were shooting, I was so sick! After we shot that video, I started using Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum religiously. My skin loves it. It’s calming, brightening, and healing (all things my skin really needs during pregnancy). I keep a bottle next to my bed, in the bathroom, and when I travel I keep it in my carry on so I can apply it in the air since it’s so, so hydrating.

Rahua Color Full Shampoo and Conditioner: I started coloring my hair recently to mix things up, and this organic line is the best for being clean and preserving your color. It’s sulfate free and environmentally friendly too.

Skylar Fragrance in Meadow: I had no idea how sensitive I would be to scents while pregnant. Walking down the street has been hard in New York because the smells are so intense. So when I met the founder of Skylar fragrances, I was really intrigued. She developed the line (which is also hypo-allergenic) when she was pregnant and made everything super safe (aka nothing synthetic!).

Laney Crowell talks about her must have clean beauty products for pregnancy beauty today on The Moment

Kjaer Weis Foundation and Blush: Since my skin has been a bit unhappy (see above), I’ve been relying on foundation more than ever. Kjaer Weis makes such a beautiful one. Kristen, the founder, also taught me that for blush, I shouldn’t wear such a pink shade, but instead go more bronze to neutralize the redness in my cheeks. I love the shade she gave me, it’s called Sun Touched.

Kosas Lipsticks: I recently discovered Kosas lipsticks and am obsessed. We have an interview coming out with the founder soon, which I can’t wait to share with you. Lipstick has been such an important part of my pregnancy beauty routine because it helps you feel and look put together so effortlessly. I wore Thrillest, their red shade, to a wedding the other day and got so many compliments. It’s fantastic.

If you have any other pregnancy questions comment below or DM me on Instagram @laneycrowell.

X Laney

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