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Pregnancy Thoughts 

Full disclosure: This is my second attempt at writing down my pregnancy thoughts. The first draft was, well, pretty long and negative. I’ve found being pregnant to be hard, and weird. Like, really weird. For so many reasons, it’s hard to know where to start. Between the debilitating morning sickness to the acne, it’s been an interesting 6 months.

Instead of going into all the gory details, I’m going to skip ahead to the part where I figure out the saving graces of the first two months of my pregnancy. The real “ah ha” moment came when my best friend from high school’s mom told me to treat myself “just like you would a baby.”  I stopped pushing and forcing myself to do everything and be everywhere and started being kinder and more gentle. But, shouldn’t we all treat ourselves like that all of the time?

Here are 10 things that I’ve found to be total life savers during my pregnancy, but that I hope everyone can incorporate into their lives. Personally, I wish that I had discovered them earlier.

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      Daily Gratitude: Since I was so sick at the beginning of my pregnancy, there were times when I lost sight of how amazing it is. I know so many people who have struggled with fertility, and I’ve had my own struggles, so I don’t ever want to take it for granted. A few months ago, I started a morning daily gratitude practice where I list everything that I’m grateful for. It’s really simple. Sometimes I do it while I’m laying in bed, or showering, or on my morning walk. I just start listing everything that I’m so grateful for, from the flowers in my neighbor’s window, to my amazing team at The Moment, to my incredible partner, to my new pillow, to my daily green juice. It changes and lightens my day, every day.

      Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner for Colored Hair: In my transition to cleaner beauty, I’ve struggled with finding a great natural shampoo that’s still good for highlighted hair. The new Rahua Shampoo is pure magic. It smells amazing, preserves your color, and has Amazonian oils and minerals so your hair is left so, so soft. It’s a little bit expensive, but I think it’s worth every penny.

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      True Botanicals Clear Skincare Line: This brand is amazing. It’s non-toxic and has done clinical testing against the major acne skincare lines. It’s done wonders for my pregnancy breakouts, I just wish I had discovered it years ago (PS Because I’m so obsessed, we scored a discount for our readers. Here’s our code for $20 off: LANEYTRUE20). I recommend using the full line with the cleanser, toner, serum and oil.

*PS The code is only for first time buyers with purchases of $40 or more

      Doên: Doên is this new, cool, bohemian, chic brand out of LA. I’ve been a huge fan since they launched, but I didn’t realize how forgiving their clothes are until I got pregnant. I’m over 5 months now and I can still fit into all of my shirts and dresses from them. In fact, they actually do a really good job of minimizing the bump! And they make me feel like I’m a flower child from the 70’s, which is always my goal.

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      Weekly massages: Alexandra Bonetti, the founder of Bari Studio, told me that the key to getting through a hard first trimester of pregnancy is weekly massages. I took her advice and signed up for Zeel, an at-home massage service. Think Uber, but for massages. I was nervous to try them at first, but then I did, and it is so convenient, reliable, and affordable. It makes all the difference in how I’m feeling, physically and emotionally. There are lots of other similar services out there so look them up if your body is in need.

      Hurom juicer: It’s been hard to find food that doesn’t upset my stomach, other than carb-filled foods like Puffins and rice crackers. I invested in this juicer so that I can make green juice every morning and it’s incredible. It’s a slow juicer, which means it retains more nutrients, which is great for the baby and for me. It’s not cheap, but when you factor in how expensive juices are in the store, it makes sense. And you don’t have to waste a plastic cup. Or, leave the comfort of your pajamas.

SW Basics Cream and Journaling for Letters to Laney 3 on The Moment

      SW Basics Cream: To avoid stretch marks, I’ve been hydrating my skin on a whole new level. I discovered SW Basic’s Cream and haven’t turned back. It’s USDA Certified Organic, and made with wild-harvested, organic shea butter that they get from an incredible Fair Trade women’s cooperative in Ghana. It also has organic extra-virgin coconut oil and organic extra-virgin olive oil so it’s basically pure moisture. I rub it all over my stomach and chest and it’s really the only thing that makes my skin feel 100% hydrated.

      Journaling: For some reason, I’ve been having a really hard time sitting down to meditate the last few months. I’m going to blame it on the hormones. Instead of forcing myself, or not doing anything at all, I’ve focused my energy on journaling. I try to write 3 pages every morning. It’s like therapy! I tap into what’s bothering me so quickly, and I often discover things I didn’t even realize were on my mind.

Context Non Toxic Nail Polish in Panama, Slip Silk Sleep Mask in White on The Moment, Letters to Laney 3

      Context Non Toxic Nail Polishes: I’ll take anything that makes me feel pretty and girlie right now. Because while I’ve heard of women who feel beautiful and sexy while pregnant, that hasn’t exactly been my experience. These new non-toxic nail colors are so cute and perfect for summer. I usually wear my nails nude and short, but right now I have on Context’s “Ain’t Love Strange” and I smile every time I look at my fingers. Learn more about these incredible nail polishes with our interview with Founder David Arbuthnot.

      Slip Silk Eye Masks: My friend Dawn got me one of these silk eye masks as a present (and even got it embroidered with “The Moment” on it!). I haven’t been sleeping much and this silk mask helps me hide some of the after effects. It’s made out of the softest silk and fits so well, I think it even has me sleeping better too.



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    • Hi Anne, We’re so sorry about that. We’ve just reached out to True Botanicals to get that fixed right away. We will let you know once it’s fixed. Thanks! Laney

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