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How-to: Blend Business and Community

There’s nothing we admire more than people who are making an effort to put goodness out into the world, especially during times like these…  Wellness practitioner Rachel Beider is one of those people, a nurturer who’s finding community in kind of an unusual space… her business.

With two well-established massage businesses, and a newly opened third under her belt (The Tulum-inspired Massage Outpost in DUMBO is now open!), Rachel uses her experience as an entrepreneur to water her wellness practitioner peers and cultivate group success through her business consulting practice aptly named, Wellness Business Consulting. Uh, sign us up! Meet Rachel below, then join us on our IG stories to hear Rachel give her tips on creating a successful, community-oriented business from scratch:



Kendall: Hi Rachel! First let’s start off with a little taste of your background. How did you get into massage therapy and business consulting and what have both brought to your life?

Rachel: I got into massage therapy after traveling to India and Southeast Asia when I was 22. While in Thailand, I took a Thai Massage course at WatPo in Bangkok and loved it! I decided to go to massage therapy school in NYC at the Swedish Institute. I love working with my hands and working with people. I love that it’s a non-traditional job. After graduating, within 6 months I started my private practice, and many of my former classmates asked how I was doing it. Over the years of growing my business, I have mentored and advised countless people in my industry and realized that it was becoming time-consuming and that I was quite good at helping people get results. I started charging for my consulting services and have since branched out into working with other types of wellness practitioners, ranging from Acupuncturists to Psychotherapists. The principals of creating and growing a vibrant private practice are the same across fields, and so far it’s been really fun and very satisfying watching people grow and develop. I’m so inspired by my clients!

Kendall: I’m so intrigued by these strong bonds you build within your community. How do you define a nurturer, would you consider yourself to be one? How has this informed your consulting practice?

Rachel: A nurturer is someone who cares deeply for their friends, family, loved ones, and clients. Most wellness practitioners are by nature, nurturing, which is why they got into their fields: to help people heal. I help people to nurture their businesses as well, by turning that nurturing instinct into protecting and caring for the business as it’s own separate being that needs help to grow and thrive.


Business and community should support each other.

Kendall: What role does community play in your business life? How can the average person seek out community in their workspace? It doesn’t seem like business and community necessarily fit naturally together…

Rachel: Business and community should support each other. Owning a business can feel very isolating. One way that I’ve built community is by gathering local female business owners for a monthly meeting to sit and discuss the challenges and successes of entrepreneurship. Another wonderful way that business can generate community is by volunteering, which fosters great relationships with the community while creating a phenomenal company culture in your business. My company offers regular volunteering opportunities and it feels really good for everyone!

Kendall: When can we join!? You’re also due a huge congratulations on opening your third location, Massage Outpost. What makes this space different from your other two?

Rachel: Thank you!! Massage Outpost is a little bit larger than our first two locations and boasts a relaxation room specifically for stretching post-session and for small classes. We are currently open for business, woohoo!

Kendall: We can’t wait to visit the space. What values do you keep yourself accountable to in your many businesses?

Rachel: Values that are extremely important in my businesses are: green business practices, sustainability, organic growth, valuing our services appropriately (and attracting clients who value us), treating our massage therapists and front desk folks with the highest levels of respect, personal and company accountability, community focus, and, of course, creating an unforgettable and personalized massage experience for all our clients.


Kendall: You’re also just about to release your first book! Can you tell us a little about it?

Rachel: The book is called “Press Here: Massage For Beginners“. It comes out in early 2019. I wrote it so that a wide audience could learn how to give an amazing, relaxing massage at home to their friends and loved ones. It discusses everything from pain-relief techniques, to using the perfect amount of pressure, as well as helpful self-care tips and stretches.

Kendall: Your doing a takeover on our IG all about building a successful business from scratch… can you give us a sneak peak of 2-3 tips?

Rachel: Sure! Building a business requires a great amount of energy and effort, and at times can feel discouraging. It’s all about your mindset – when you’re stressed or scared, you don’t have access to the resources of your full mind. My biggest tips are:

  • When you have a problem, ask yourself what’s GREAT about this – chances are you can find something awesome that keeps you in a great head space or cultivates gratitude. (For example: sure dealing with the business issue can be a headache, but what’s GREAT is that I have a business to deal with!).
  • Also: that thing you’re dreading doing, that’s the thing you need to do first. I regularly ask myself, ‘what am I tolerating, what am I avoiding?’
  • Lastly, remember: problems are the universe on YOUR SIDE calling you to grow 🙂

The best way to stay beautiful is by moving your body in ways that feel good, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated.

Kendall: What’s your beauty philosophy? Favorite clean products?

Rachel: I believe that all bodies are beautiful. As a massage therapist, I can promise that the things you feel the most embarrassed about or afraid of are the things that make you beautiful. Everyone has scars, wrinkles, pimples, hair, and cellulite. Don’t be afraid of getting a massage, going to a fitness class, or trying a new sport because of your body. The best way to stay beautiful is by moving your body in ways that feel good, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated.

I LOVE clean beauty! My favorite products are:

Kendall: Great beauty advice. How do you stay in the moment?

Rachel: I stay present by putting my phone away, practicing meditation (walking meditations are my favorite), taking moments to breathe, and noticing when there’s beauty. Kurt Vonnegut JR writes “And I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” I think of that often.

Special thanks to Rachel Beider!

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