Winter Reboot with the Nue Co's new reboot travel kit on The Moment

Winter Reboot With The Nue Co

In January, we’re focused on a renewed awareness surrounding health and well-being. After the celebratory (and often stressful) holiday season, the new year is a gentle reminder to turn inward and re-focus on ourselves. While we’re not ones for the traditional pressures of “New Year’s Resolutions,” we’re always up for a time to celebrate wellness and self care rituals.

And while we ramp-up to put our best-selves forward in 2018- mind, body, and soul- we are also negotiating the brutal cold of a particularly harsh New York winter. (Remember when we woke up to the news of an impending “Bomb Cyclone”?). Nothing quite kills your motivation like getting sick or generally lacking in energy, whether it be from grim weather or even constant cross-country business travel. 

So when we heard about The Nue Co.’s newly launched “Reboot Travel Kit”, we were thrilled at the idea of a supplement protocol (in ultra-chic packaging) listed as “the ideal survival kit for long-haul travel and other particularly stressful life excursions.” The collection features five travel-sized products designed to help reset and revive the body, and finds simple, effective remedies for sleeping on an airplane, easing muscle tension, stimulating digestion, and boosting immunity and energy; everything needed to feel new (nue) again. To learn more about the kit, and and how we can combat winter, travel, and other stressors that wreak havoc on our immune system, we went straight to the source: Nue Co. founder (and frequent flyer) Jules Miller who was in NYC from her home in Cambridge, UK to celebrate her just launched NYC pop-up at 39 Spring Street.* We chatted over Nue Co Debloat Lattes and asked her our burning questions about keeping healthy all winter long.

*If you’re in the NYC area, check out the Nue Co pop-up 20 Day Supplements Store at 39 Spring Street from January 11th – 30th for awesome wellness events, and to stock up on The Nue Co supplements for the new year.


Winter Reboot with the Nue Co's new reboot travel kit on The Moment

The Moment: Hi Jules! First of all, this latte is incredible. What’s your recipe?

Miller: Glad you love it!

  • 1 heaping teaspoon of The Nue Co Debloat powder
  • 1/2 tablespoon coco butter
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • Heat on the stove, blend, and serve!

Winter Reboot with the Nue Co's new reboot travel kit on The Moment

The Moment: As the queen of all things supplements, what can you do to amp up your immune system (especially in winter/during travel)?

Miller: There’s some incredibly interesting research linking the health of your gut and diversity of your microbiome (the unique makeup of bacteria in your digestive tract) and your immune system. Long-term, one of the best things you can do for your immune system is to take a Prebiotic + Probiotic which helps promote the “good” bacteria in your gut. I always up my dosage three days before travel.

I never travel without our Defence Drops – they’re a blend of natural ingredients proven to boost your immune function, fast. They contain a blend of traditional immune boosters like Echinacea, along with breakthrough ingredients, including adaptogenic Schisandra Berry and Mistletoe.

Mistletoe is actually one of the most widely studied ingredients in alternative medicine. In Europe, it has been used experimentally for cancer patients undergoing treatment to boost immune defense. Research is still new but encouraging, as seen here in the National Cancer Institute.

Since you can just use the dropper straight onto your tongue, they’re an easy add-on to take at the beginning of your flight and after. I also start taking them the minute I feel a cold coming on.

The Moment: Genius! What’s the biggest misconception about immune boosting? (Any common things people do that may not be so effective i.e. killing too many germs)

Miller: There’s a theory that the dramatic rise in auto-immune conditions and allergies is linked to the fact that we’re so germ-phobic in the 21st century. I’m definitely not recommending that people stop washing their hands post-subway, but I think we can all do with getting more bacteria diversity in our day-to-day lives.

Before dodging the soap, maybe consider adding different bacteria into your diet in the form of food – kombucha, natural yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi are all packed with “friendly” bacteria. They taste great and are so beneficial for your health.

Winter Reboot with the Nue Co's new reboot travel kit on The Moment

The Moment: What about digestion and travel? What are some things people can do to minimize bloating, indigestion etc. when traveling?

Miller: This is one of the most common issues for travelers. When you fly, your digestion is put under a lot of pressure, literally. Combine that with sitting for hours on end and heavily salted plane food, and you have the perfect combination for a bloated stomach and sluggish digestion.

Ensuring that you’re taking your Prebiotic + Probiotic at least 3-4 days before travel really helps, as does keeping your food simple during travel. If you can, try and take your own food on board – your taste buds are dulled during travel so airplane food is extra salty leaving you parched.

The Moment: That’s insane! Who knew… Besides bringing your own snacks, what are your go-to travel essentials?

Miller: I’ve travelled a lot in the past eighteen months* and it’s really taken a toll on my skin. A friend recommend a thermal water spray by Avene and its’ honestly made the biggest difference – I’m the crazy woman on the plane spritzing myself every thirty minutes!

Aside from my Reboot Travel Kit, I always keep an eye mask and ear plugs in my carry-on. Having them to hand means I can actually get enough sleep to function the next day.

*The Nue Co. lab is based in Cambridge, UK while the office is in New York.

Winter Reboot with the Nue Co's new reboot travel kit on The Moment

Special thanks to Jules Miller!

Photo by Abner James



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