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Recherche Beauté

When our friend Rose Theodora (yes, that’s her real name, and no it’s probably not a coincidence that she is an astrologist), emailed us about trying her friend’s new line, we were skeptical. We get a lot of emails about new brands, and usually the ones that start out with “my friend” can be a little iffy. The brand: Recherche Beauté isn’t just your average clean beauty brand though. It has crazy gorgeous packaging (not to be superficial or anything, but we love a pretty label) and the research is legit. Without hesitation, we said we’d love to test it out.

A week later, a big box arrived. Inside was a gorgeous box filled with 4 simple, but equally elevated products: A cashmere cleansing balm, active elixir tonic, radiance serum, and supreme elixir créme. We opened the caps, took in the incredible smells, and were so excited to lather up our faces. If we recall correctly, Laney was so excited, she went into the bathroom and used all 4 products immediately. She described the feeling as “tingling, but not painful, and super hydrating.” Over the next week, she became the Recherche Beauté guinea pig, used the line daily, and grew to love the brand more and more; So we decided to sit down with the founder, Peter Nguyen, and ask him some questions about this special new brand:

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The Moment: Hi there! Thanks for sitting down with us to chat. Can you tell us a bit about who you are and your background?

Nguyen: The founder is I, Peter Nguyen. I have always been infatuated with beauty and aesthetics growing up. I attended and completed law school, which set a foundation for me to recognize the importance of balance and structure. After graduating, I took a 180-degree turn to pursue a career in fashion, where I started my own successful business as a freelance buyer for women’s ready-to-wear for high-end fashion boutiques within the US and all over the world. I also became a freelance stylist and wardrobe consultant for private clients, which allowed me to connect with a passion for spreading beauty through the art of fashion. I had the chance to help people realize their beauty through fashion.   

The Aquarius in me is always looking towards the future. I’m constantly wondering how I can bring beauty to society in an innovative and unique way. I was able to accomplish that goal through fashion, by helping individuals decorate themselves in a beautiful way. It allowed them to be transformed from the outside, in. In my next phase of evolution, I wanted to help people transform from the inside, out, so I partnered up with my friends to open a yoga and meditation studio in West Hollywood. Through this experience, I was able to witness deep transformations in holding this space for people to connect with the beauty and radiance within themselves. It took disciplined practice of self-care and a willingness of people to go deep within themselves; The results were incredible. The experience of co-building a conscious community, where I have immersed myself in and mastered yogic and Ayurvedic philosophies, has been completely transformative and contributed immensely to the inspiration behind my creation of Recherche Beauté.

The Moment: How did Recherche Beauté get started?

Nguyen: Recherche Beauté was years in the making without me even realizing it. I developed severe cystic acne in college, which was an extremely traumatizing experience for me, as it is for many individuals that suffer from acne. Fortunately for me though, I was able to cure and clear my acne with the guidance of my grandmother, a renowned Traditional Eastern and Chinese Medicinal Herbalist, who came from a highly revered lineage of Herbalist in Vietnam. 

My bout with severe cystic acne ignited my lifelong journey in studying the science of healing and beautifying the skin in the realms of Eastern and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and European Herbalism and Aromatherapy. I studied vigorously for over a decade, as it was my mission to prevent my own acne from re-erupting, but it also became my mission to help my skin reach its greatest healthy and radiant potential. 

After years of pursuing different careers paths and nurturing an expertise in the realm of skin wellness and beauty, the creation of Recherche Beauté was inevitable. As my law degree in business set my foundation for structure and business, fashion enabled me to realize the power of external beauty and aesthetics, and yoga and meditation as being the true catalyst for connecting to one’s inner radiance that emanates from the inside out. And that is why Recherche Beauté was conceived, as it is a culmination of my life’s work and experience.

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The Moment: How did you decide on the formulas?

Nguyen: All of the formulas were carefully curated and crafted in collaboration with chemists and alchemists, using the highest quality organic, wildcrafted, and non-toxic ingredients sourced from the best harvesters from around the world. The ingredients within every formula harmonize my expertise in the traditions of Eastern and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda, Western Herbalism, and Aromatherapy as well as modern science. Recherche Beauté is a melting pot of medicinal and healing traditions that create a innovative, clean, non-toxic, and luxurious self-care ritual for individuals to experience.

The Moment: We love the tingly sensation we get after using the products. Why does it tingle?

Nguyen: The tingling sensations of some of the formulas are due to the active alchemy of the 15% – 20% Stabilized Vitamin C Complexes we have infused into the formulas. The introduction of Vitamin C to the skin has been scientifically proven to be one of the best antioxidants and catalysts for anti-aging through collagen synthesis and production, as well as a catalyst for the evening and brightening of the complexion. Our inclusion of Colloidal Gold, Platinum, Copper, and Silver acts as an active delivery system to help deliver the ingredients deeper into the layers of the epidermis, hence the tingling sensation. 

The Moment: What are the biggest benefits people have seen after using Recherche?

Nguyen: Like you, the biggest response we have received from individuals that have experienced the ritual of Recherche Beauté is amplified radiance, skin clarity, as well as smoother and softer texture, which is our intention with the introduction of the Aura line of Recherche Beauté.

*You can find the entire Recherche Beauté Aura line in our shop.

Special thanks to Peter Nguyen!

Photos courtesy of Recherche Beauté



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