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Renew Juicery

Renew Juicery is more than an organic juice shop – it’s a full on wellness center, with a variety of juices, mylks, pantry items comprised of superfood and medicinal herbs, natural beauty products, and even a cryotherapy tank. The founder, Brooke Rewa, created Renew Juicery for the simple desire to provide people with the tools to choose the healthiest foods, ingredients, and products to live our best lives.

Rewa’s mission is uniquely personal, and this is why we fell in love with Rewa and Renew Juicery. We were supposed to stop by a quick juice, but spent over an hour talking and learning about everything that the wellness center in Culver City has to offer. We learned a ton about the power of food and how we can all make changes in our lifestyle to feel our best, inside & out.

Everything in the shop is there for one reason: it is something that Rewa wants to have in her daily life. It’s a place that allows for experimentation and play with a serious end goal to have you leaving by feeling and looking your best when you leave. And it’s working because people (ourselves included) are addicted to the change in their health, benefiting from increased energy, boosted immune systems and radiant skin.

“I joke and say that this business is super selfish because I created it based on the things that I need in my life, and I now realize that everyone else needs this in their life too,” Rewa laughs. 


Renew Juice Glossary:

Renew Juice – All juices are made with organic, locally sourced ingredients that are free of pesticides and antibiotics and they are all cold-pressed because this process is the healthiest way to extract all the nutrients and fibers from the ingredients.

Renew PantryMade up of all organic superfoods and medicinal herbs. These pantry items are ingredients that are included in her juices and are made available to people to experiment and continue to eat the healthiest foods even when they are at home. This is a dream come true for Brooke, she wants people to feel empowered to make the healthiest choices for their bodies without compromising on quality. Find out some of our favorite pantry items here.

Renew Beauty – They have four incredible beauty products in their store that are available for purchase, and are made with either organic ingredients or sustainably sourced. The Vibrant Youth Serum, Longevity Water, Radiant Rose Water and Detoxing Bath Salts. Rewa worked with an herbalist to create the best products using the same superfood and medicinal herbs that are in her juices such as Pearl Powder and Bee Pollen. We tried the Vibrant Youth Serum and could feel the difference overnight, our skin instantly looked radiant and refreshed – almost as if all the stress of running a startup was erased from our pores. Next up, Detoxifying Bath Salts. There are also so many benefits to taking a bath, especially when using the right salts – it helps take the toxins out of your body and it works so much faster than anything else.

Cryotherapy – Cryotherapy is a freezing treatment in which the user stands in a cryotherapy chamber willed with liquid nitrogen. It’s used to treat pain and improve general health. Renew is the only juice shop with a cryotherapy tank. She first heard about the modality through a friend who noted her increased energy after undergoing a treatment. On the day that Rewa first tried it for herself, she had a migraine, which she believes was attributed to her high stress levels. Right after the experience, she started to feel better. Then one hour out of the tank, it went away completely. For those of you with migraines, this speaks volumes! As she woke up the next day from the best night’s sleep of her life, she realized her body felt totally painless. So, from that moment, she decided to have juice in the front and cryo in the back.

Brooke Rewa, Founder of Renew Juicery in Culver City, Los Angeles, Juicing, cold, press, Juice, The Moment, Tea Time, Interview, Fruit, Vegetables


The Moment: Let’s start with introducing yourself with your company name and where we are right now?

Brooke: My company is called Renew Juicery and we’re in Culver City at our Wellness Center.

The Moment: And are you from here?

Brooke: No, I’m from Upstate New York in the middle of nowhere. My grandparents were dairy farms, and the town I lived in had more animals than people.

The Moment: Do you think growing up on a dairy farm had anything to do with you working in the wellness industry?

Brooke: It had an impact on my love for animals – seeing many animals being born and feeling a real connection with animals and nature. Just being outside, running all over the property and learning from my Grandfather about growing and planting foods. This love of animals turned me into a vegetarian and made me want to learn how to be a healthy vegetarian and learn about the power of food.

The Moment:  Are you still vegetarian?

Brooke: I am not vegetarian anymore and I will eat meat every once in a while. I have tried it all, I have been vegetarian, vegan, you name it. Then a few years ago, I started eating more meat because I started craving it more. Now, I will only eat meat once or twice a month.

The Moment: It’s all about listening to what your body needs.

Brooke: Exactly, our bodies are constantly changing, and for a while, vegetarianism worked, and then veganism for a bit. Now I eat meat every now and then, but when I do eat meat, I have to know the source, and it’s usually in small quantities.

The Moment: Can you tell us the importance of sourcing meat locally?

Brooke: One thing we’re really lucky to have in LA is huge, farmer’s markets where you can go and talk directly to the farmers. Meats and eggs are important to find good sources for because they have hormones and antibiotics being pumped into them.

The Moment: Is this something you learned while growing up on the farm?

Brooke: I was fortunate enough to see how my grandfather operated his farm. Every cow had a name, he remembered how he got them, what the situation was, and it broke his heart when the farm had to become larger to produce more quantities to keep up with the rest of the industry. Everything became automated and he was no longer happy with the direction of the business and ended up losing the farm. We still have conversations on how scary the food industry has become and people have no idea what they are eating.

The Moment: What does he recommend we do to make more educated choices?

Brooke: That’s a good question – I’ll have to ask but I think he’d recommend eating locally because he grows his own food himself on the farm and knows what is being used on the food.

The Moment: And does this play a part into the decision for Renew Juicery to source all local produce for your juices?

Brooke: Yes, we have relationships with all the farmers. And personally, I buy all my food from a local farmers market. Everything is organic and sourced locally.

The Moment: When did you get into juicing?

Brooke: We opened the store four years ago. I got into juicing because I was really sick. I spent a year going to doctors offices and having them tell me I have IBS and I’m going to have to just live with it. Then I met with a holistic nutritionist, and within 45 minutes, she understood everything that was going on and recommended I start researching juicing. I got home and spent two hours that night researching everything there is to know about juicing. I discovered that the healthiest juice is cold pressed, and I found what I thought was the best juicer. I made one of the biggest purchases of my life for a $280 juicer which was just for me. At home juicing includes masticating the juice, which is basically a screw type thing that presses the ingredients out of the juice, but it’s good because heat is not used and you’re still getting all the micronutrients from the ingredients. 

The Moment: Why is cold pressed so good for us?

Brooke: I’m sure you’ve been to places where they make the juice on the spot for you, where they throw the whole apple in. That process is very loud and noisy. It’s tearing and heating up the fruits and vegetables in a very abusive way for the fruits and vegetables. That influences the product coming out. Heat and air are the worst enemies of juice. Adding heat, air and friction eliminate a lot of nutrients, and enzymes that are doing the hard work of fighting disease, binding to toxins, and flushing out heavy metals. There is still some benefit to that juice, and I always tell everyone that any juice is better than no juice, but you can taste and feel the difference with cold pressed juices. It’s just a careful way of extracting the juice so nothing is harmed.

The Moment: So, what did you do after you bought your at home juicer?

Brooke: I started juicing and literally two days into it, I felt like a new person. I also noticed other things later, such as clearer skin, healthy hair and nails, and the whites of my eyes getting bright and the immediate energy boost. So for all of these reasons, I started to tell everyone about it, and this was around the time that Pressed Juicery opened their second location and juicing was just starting to take off. I was excited and started holding meetings at juice shops and felt disappointed by the fact that some are not organic and are bottled in plastic. They don’t taste good or if they do, it’s because they were filled with sugary fruit. Ultimately, I felt like I was making better juices in my own home than I was finding in stores.

Brooke Rewa, Founder of Renew Juicery in Culver City, Los Angeles, Juicing, cold, press, Juice, The Moment, Tea Time, Interview, Fruit, Vegetables

The Moment: At what point did you decide to launch your own company?

Brooke: I had worked in the health industry and helped launch products and realized, I enjoyed the start-up side of the business and I liked piecing it all together. But at the end of the day, I wasn’t as passionate about selling the products. I realized at that point that I wanted to create something that changed people’s lives. That’s when I decided that I would create my own juice company. I knew I didn’t want to cut any corners. I knew I wanted to be organic and put product in a glass and add the medicinal herbs and superfoods. I really wanted to create juices so people could experience the power of foods.

The Moment: How do you come up with your juice recipes?

Brooke: They come easily to me. It starts with the function of the ingredients, and then the measurement of the ingredients.

The Moment: Today, we are drinking the Super Roots Juice, can you tell me more about this juice and the benefits of it?

Brooke: Super Roots Juice actually has so many amazing benefits that I ended up just calling it super roots because its, well, super. It’s packed with carrots and has turmeric in it. We juice the turmeric so it’s very potent. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, good for the brain, clears brain fog, immune boosting, and energy boosting. Astragalus root powder helps to renew and regenerate your cells. It’s my favorite ingredient. This juice replaces my cup of coffee in the morning and is a great way to start the day!

The Moment: And it’s delicious and very refreshing. Thank you so much for your time, juice, and knowledge. We’re extremely inspired by your love for juice and helping people make the healthiest decisions possible. Lastly, how do you stay in the moment?

Brooke: Breathe. My dog helps me with that. My dog brings so much joy and happiness to my life, since I know he has a shorter lifespan.

To find Brooke’s favorite pantry items, click here.

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Big thanks to Brooke and Maddie at Renew Juicery!

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