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It’s here! It’s here! If you’ve been following along with us on Instagram, then we’re sure you know our new, non-toxic makeup line Saie is launching today! We’ve been hard at work on Saie for over two years now, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to your new makeup routine. Do yourself a favor and be one of the first to get it here!

But before you go ahead and upgrade your makeup bag, I have to say thank you. This community and this blog was the initial inspiration for Saie and it simply wouldn’t exist without each and everyone of you. If you haven’t heard the story before, it goes something like this: I was working at Estée Lauder, and I generally just stopped feeling well. I was constantly tired, prone to getting sick, always seemed to have low energy, and I was depressed. I dove head first into trying to make myself feel better and taught myself about nutrition, meditation, and how to heal my body naturally long before “wellness” was a thing.


Like the story goes for most people, it really led me to start examining more closely what I was putting in and on my body. I began looking at ingredients and formulations in all of the products I’d relied on for so many years, and realized it was time for me to make a change. I decided to leave my cushy executive job to further pursue this passion and started The Moment as a place to talk about my journey. From day one I had PR agencies and brands sending me products they wanted The Moment to review…we’re talking like 10 boxes a day! 

About six months after the launch, I went into The Beauty Closet to look for some non-toxic makeup and there wasn’t any there. Seriously, there was none. I hopped onto Instagram that same night and started asking The Moment community about what they want to see in clean makeup. The answer was really clear: clean makeup doesn’t perform or wear well, it’s too expensive, and it’s not cool. I personally shared the same sentiments as The Moment community did, and– fast forward to now–  those are the exact pain points we’re solving with Saie. We work with the best labs in the world, we choose only luxury ingredients for all of our formulas, we are UBER clean (nary a petro chemical in sight), and we cut out the middle man so that we can offer you everything for less than $25.


So, where does the name come from? In a way, from all of you. Saie is pronounced /sā/, as in Say Hello! As we began building the brand we kept going back to that first question I brought to The Moment community, and from there we have aimed to implement your needs and requests into every product we’ve developed so far. In the past two years we’ve referenced over and over again everything all of you were saying to us. So many women have played a pivotal role in Saie, and so we feminized the word “say” by adding an “ie” to the end. And there you have it.  🙂  

Thanks for joining us on this journey. Come and Saie hello here.


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