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We all know chic packaging when we see it. It’s white and has a great minimalist font, usually in black (see ContextGloss ModernPeet RivkoF. Miller, the list goes on). We love packaging like this. But once in a while, we see a brand that breaks this mold. Shiva Rose’s products come in simple jars with a little label adorned with, you guessed it, a rose. They look like products that you would find at a health food store in Northern California. But these are the Shiva Rose’s products. They’re at chic juice locations like Moon Juice, and she does collaborations with trendy beauty brands like Agent Nateur. Placed on your medicine cabinet shelf, they emanate femininity and sweetness.

But for Shiva Rose, it’s not all about the look. Shiva’s products use all natural ingredients, and when she talks about them, you feel like you’re taking a journey through the magical places and fond memories of her childhood. From the “kukui nut oil from the island of Kauai, to California grown jojoba oil, all the ingredients bring nourishing love to the skin. The amber in the Venus Amber Body Oil is a natural amber tree resin, and the cardamom in the Nectar Body Oil is reminiscent of the cardamom pods I remember as a child growing up in Persia.” When Rose talks about how the Shiva Rose products are made, you can tell they are crafted with love, which is probably why you can feel their energy when you pick them up:  “There are no chemicals or toxic preservatives used in the hand-made products. Everything is made in a high vibrational studio with mantras, crystals, and flower essences to ensure the purity and quality of the line” her website explains.

Personally we’re partial to the Honey and Nectar Mask, the Glow Face Balm, and the Blue Crystal Eye Cream, so we asked Rose to teach us exactly how to use them. Apply the trio in tandem and your face reads: ‘I just took the most peaceful walk through a beautiful garden, than sat down for a relaxing cup of tea with Shiva herself.’



The Moment: Can you tell us more about these products?

Rose: I love the Blue Crystal Eye Cream because it takes away puffiness and dark circles. It has blue tansy and chamomile along with all sorts of nourishing oils and sandalwood, which opens up your third eye.

The Glow Face Bomb is one of the best in the collection. It’s a balm that protects your skin from pollution and weather. Great for under makeup. It gives you a dewy look because of the shea butter, hydrating coconut, frankincense, and ylang ylang.

The Honey Nectar Mask if my favorite because it has clay which detoxifies the skin, but it has a bunch of nourishing oil so it won’t dry you out. It’s more of a nourishing mask and it has Vitamin C which evens out the skin tone. It smells really good. It’s got honey and ylang ylang.

The Moment: How often do you apply the mask?

Rose: I would do that once a week for about 20 minutes. It doesn’t harden and it’s a little bit more dewy, but that’s because it’s a nourishing mask. It doesn’t dry you out. I don’t like the ones that make you feel all cracked. Then it gets in your pores. It’s too drying.

I apply the eye cream twice daily. I use that so much when I’m traveling. In the morning I get very puffy. So I dab it on around the eyes, at night and in the morning. It has a little bit of shimmer in it. Chamomile and blue tansy are really powerful for taking down swelling. Also hyaluronic acid. That’s huge. They use it a lot in France. It puffs up the lines.

The Moment: Exactly! It’s been working miracles for us. Do you work from home?

Rose: Yes, my studio is here. I mix my formulas here.

Our liver can filter out bad foods, but It can’t filter out bad products because it goes straight to our blood stream

The Moment: That must mean a lot of love and care goes in to these products. What’s the importance to you of not using toxic products?

Rose: It’s so important because we are what we eat and what we put on our skin. Our liver can filter out bad foods, but It can’t filter out bad products because it goes straight to our blood stream. That’s crucial. I feel like a lot of people eat organic and healthy but then lather on toxic creams. I feel like they’re connected. You can’t do one without the other.

Shiva Rose Beauty, The Local Rose, The Moment, Shiva Rose, Non Toxic Beauty, Toxin Free Beauty and Skincare

Start with what you eat. Read ingredients on packaging if you can. Read it out or be able to spell it or don’t but it.

The Moment: What would be a tip for someone just starting to transition into clean beauty?

Rose: I don’t want people to get intimidated because it can be intimidating. But once people learn about one thing, it will lead into another and another. Start with what you eat. Read ingredients on packaging if you can. Read it out or be able to spell it or don’t but it. Just start gong to the farmers market and cooking. Put olive oil, lemon, or sea salt on anything and it will taste incredible; On quinoa, on beans, on kale or eggs. That’s all it needs. I would start with transforming the diet and see how you feel. Once you start feeling good, then it doesn’t feel like work. Then it’s worth the extra effort you make, when you start to feel alive and electric and energized. Our pituitary gland gets calcified from all the water, the pollution in the air, the food, the products. Once you start de-calcifying that, you’re going to get so much more energy. It starts awakening.

The Moment: Are you instilling this lifestyle in your girls or your animals or the people around you?

Rose: Yeah, I don’t preach because I feel like the best way is to just be around it. I think they get it. It filters through. My older daughter for sure… in London she found the health food store and is like, I need more chaga! She’s definitely on the path.

The Moment: What’s next for Shiva Rose?

Rose: I’m working on a book which I’m really excited about. It won’t be out for another year, I’m still writing it. More products of course. I love making products. I’m going to China for my tea practice. I haven’t really been away from this because it takes a lot to keep it all going, but I feel like it’s time to deepen my practice. I’m going to China for 2 weeks. It’s going to be in the mountains with our tea teacher.  There are so many things. All of these things make your life even fuller.

Special thanks to Shiva Rose!

Photography by Kristine Lo



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