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When I think about how I started to get interested in natural beauty, there isn’t really a clear line. But, one of the moments that sticks out to me is when I was doing the Clean Program cleanse (if you aren’t familiar with it, I suggest you check it out, I do it every year) and everyone kept commenting on how really, really good my skin looked. It was true, I was glowing, and I didn’t have one.single.breakout. It was the first time that my skin was totally clear. This was when I realized that what I eat has a direct, and major, correlation to my skin.

From there my interest in food, namely beauty food, grew. During this exploration I heard about two girls in LA, Holistic Nutritionist Tara Curran and Therapeutic Skin Coach Hayley Wood, who were teaching people about this exact topic. Their company aptly named, Skin Food Talk. Since first following them on Instagram, Tara has taken over the business full time, writing and teaching wellness workshops.

What I love is that SFT is teaching people to glow from the inside out. Curran is cultivating a more pinpointed, personal approach to wellness, one that involves listening to our bodies, and reevaluating the food we eat and the products we put on our skin (sounds kind of familiar… right?). As a site that sets similar intentions, we became fast friends with Curran and the SFT community.

Before the holidays I asked Curran to give us a few tips on surviving holiday temptations since that’s when my skin usually gets it’s most upset. Now she’s giving us a peek into the authentic world of wellness that she’s created around the SFT community. Read now and get Curran’s top tips for creating a well balanced, genuine self-care routine for 2018.


Tara Curran of Skin Food Talk on The Moment

The Moment: Hi Tara, How are you and where are you? Give us some background:)

Curran: Hi : ) I am wonderful and really excited for the year ahead. I am currently living in Malibu, CA. I moved to LA from NYC about 5 yrs ago to expand my nutrition practice. Skin Food Talk was created 2 yrs ago out of a passion to help educate others on skin health, the correlation between food and skin, and all the wonderful green beauty products out there now. I was hired at The Detox Market in West Hollywood as the nutrition expert where I met my former SFT partner, and SFT was started after we hosted what is now the signature workshop at the Soho House in West Hollywood, CA.

The Moment: Can you introduce us to Skin Food Talk? What can someone expect from your site, E-book, and events?

Curran: Skin Food Talk was created to talk about how to get glowing from the inside out. After working at The Detox Market and speaking with the clientele on how to choose skin care, and navigate their skin health, I was asked to speak at Soho House WEHO in February 2016. The SFT “signature workshop” was formed with esthetician Hayley Wood (Therapeutic Skin Coach). We got together to create a workshop based off of the issues we typically see in our individual practices. It started off as a one time talk that led into the educational platform it is today. Skin Food Talk is focused on creating accessible content – with a focus on how to teach individuals to create customized care for themselves based on what their body is communicating to them. This is through our Honor ebook that sets the tone of our conversation, our weekly journal with a rotation of topics we’re passionate about, and in person events that have included the signature workshop, beauty workshop, and special one on one consults.

The Moment: You’re a big advocate of listening to our bodies to guide us in our wellness journeys. How can we separate those ‘quick-fixes’ and wellness trends and tune in to what our bodies are saying?

Curran: SFT philosophy is that our intuition can guide us to the answer of what might be blocking us from achieving optimal health. Quieting down all of the other voices that confuse us or take us off our path is step one. Typically we have found that people have tried everything else before they dove into our individual practices and were so frustrated that they were willing to try anything. The SFT mission is to  hold a mirror up to people and empower them to listen and tune back into themselves. Quick fixes and trends take away that voice a little bit so we just set them up on that intuitive path again. We believe that it starts by identifying your goals, try one thing at a time that you are drawn to, and never be afraid to ask for support.

The Moment: What are some of the signals and signs we see in our skin that might indicate a larger issue?

Curran: For whatever reason our body communicates to us through our skin and it’s the perfect opportunity to tune in to what has been going on in our lives to help solve any issues. Whether you are experiencing a skin rash, blemish, skin discoloration or other, take a moment to think about what’s been going on in your life, your stress level, the food you’ve been eating, and don’t be afraid to reach out for support.

The SFT signature workshop breaks down 4 categories of skin concerns. Through a quiz you are guided to identify what could be triggering your skin concerns. The 4 categories are, environmental issues, gut imbalances, hormonal imbalance, or well balanced. We currently have posts on our journal for each of the categories as well as tools and tips in our Honor e-book to help support any issues.

Tara Curran of Skin Food Talk on The Moment

The Moment: For someone just venturing into clean beauty, what’s the first product they should swap out?

Curran: If you are just transitioning into green beauty, take it slow. Start with one product at a time and sample! We believe that transitioning one product at a time will help your body acclimatize to the different ingredients. If you’re not sure which product to switch over to, start with what you are attracted to. Using your sense of smell can be a great first indicator for what is going to work for you or not. Because let’s face it, if you don’t like the way something smells, you are not going to enjoy using it. Start by sampling 1-2 products before purchasing and use your sense of smell to help you better determine what would be a good fit.

The Moment: What SFT approved products do you use personally in your everyday self care ritual?

Curran: The most consistent for me would be to journal and it’s a practice I do daily; Typically first thing in the morning to write out all my thoughts, what I’ve dreamt of, or what some of my goals are.  Secondly I always care for my gut with a high quality probiotic. I don’t go a day without taking one and if I happen to miss a day, I notice it right away. Our health starts in the gut and it has been pivotal in my overall health and well being to take care of my gut. I also love dry brushing and I try to do this at least 3 times a week.  Lastly I love wearing a great scent because as we mentioned previously, our sense of smell can be an indicator in what we need for our care. Right now I’m using Lake & Skye 11 11 fragrance.

The Moment: We are big believers in our three pillars of beauty: Wellness, the products we use, and the food we eat. How do these three pillars coincide with Skin Food Talk’s definition of beauty?

Curran: Everything is interconnected. My mission with SFT is to encourage and show others that beauty starts with self love. When someone honors themselves and truly loves themselves, you can tell because it will reflect in the choices that they make for their health. Shifting the mindset towards self love can help you find mindfulness in what you choose to eat, do for self care, and the products you use on your body. It’s not about perfection either, but rather how well you ebb and flow with the inevitabilities of stressors in life. When someone chooses real whole foods over packaged or processed you can tell they are making a conscious decision rather than an unconscious one. When you read the labels of the products, you’re using or take the time to know the company behind it, you are living more authentically and consciously.

The Moment: What can we look forward to seeing from SFT in the future and what impact do you hope to make?

Curran: 2017 was a big year of personal growth, realizations, and expansion and I am so excited to apply all the new growth to SFT. We are also 2 yrs old in February. We’ll be implementing the signature workshop into deeper, individualized care you can do at home, continuing the journal to help educate others on becoming intuitive in their skincare and health, and more workshops and dates in new cities!

The Moment: How do you stay in the moment?

Curran: Daily meditation, and constantly diving into self work to grow and expand.

Special thanks to Tara Curran!

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