Smoke sticks with Natalie Bowen Design on The Moment, clean beauty, non-toxic beauty

DIY Smoke Sticks

Natalie Bowen has long been one of my floralist crushes. She’s friends with my favorite SF bloggers (hi Sacramento Street) and makes the most breathtaking, unique, florals I’ve ever seen in her studio, Natalie Bowen Designs. We’ve tapped her to show us how to make smoke sticks, which are an essential part of our beauty ritual.

Smoke sticks are essential for clearing energy and setting intentions. They’re great when you’r manifesting, and when you’re calming down before your bath. I love the idea of making you own so that you can infuse them with good energy and love, and save a little money. Natalie broke it down for us in really easy to follow steps (also what a fun DIY with a little one!).

If you didn’t get a chance to see Natalie’s #MomentofBeauty on our Instastories, it’s not to be missed and you can find it in our highlights. So many goodies in it, complete of course with a trip to the flower mart.

Smoke sticks with Natalie Bowen Design on The Moment, clean beauty, non-toxic beauty

The Moment: Hi Natalie, Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became a floral designer?

Natalie: I became a floral designer fourteen years ago. Flowers were always in my family. My Grandmother had a flower shop in San Francisco and my Mother was a garden designer. I was destine to live a life filled with flowers. I started my business when I graduated from college and have never looked back.

The Moment: What do you love about your job? It’s forever been one of our dream jobs.

>Natalie: I love that I get to work with flowers, nature and wonderful people. I love that we get to see immediate results so much of the time. Although for a wedding we plan a year out, the reveal of the actual event is really exciting for me. Working for myself means I get to set the pace and get the direct rewards of the hard work.The Moment: We love how your designs have the coolest compositions – what would you say is your signature look?
Natalie: Naturally arranged with purpose! I like to play with texture, movement, asymmetry and negative space.

The Moment: So, excited to know how to make my own smoke sticks. They’re a key part of our bath ritual. Do you have any beauty rituals?

Natalie: I start my day with slathering lots of oil on my face and repeat that throughout the day. In the evening I layer oils and serums that Sarah Becker of Sarah Becker Skincare has shared with me. I like to have lavender or “Breathe” doTERRA oil in my diffuser when I sleep. I also run one in my daughters room to create a soothing scent for her. I want to teach her that a beauty routine only works if you take enjoyment in it. We often take baths together and sometimes we have bubbles and other times we float flowers and have epsom salts. It’s about having the rituals rotate and never apologizing for taking that time.

The Moment: Speaking of beauty, We’d love to know what’s in your beauty bag.

Natalie: Lots of oils, spritz’s and red lipstick!
Vitner’s Daughter, Monastery Made and Laurel oil.
Botnia, Laurel, and True Botanicals hydrating spray.
Laurel eye balm.
Aesop hand cream.

The Moment: When it comes to beauty, what’s your take on it? Any philosophies you care to share?

Natalie: I live a healthy lifestyle from the inside out and also believe a little eye cream never hurt anyone. I believe that lots of water and Vitamin C can cure almost any remedy. I’m very conscious about getting enough sleep (ideally 8 hours a night) and love seeing this concept get more awareness through Ariana Huffington and others. I eat whole foods, lots of good fats, little sugar and make almost all the meals for me and my family. I follow the “Nourishing Traditions” concept for my 16-month old daughter.

The Moment: And lastly, how do you stay in the moment?

Natalie: To me the moment is ever changing and beautiful. I stay in THE MOMENT by remembering to slow down as much as possible. Which, is actually very hard for me. So, I’d say the most effective way to stay in the moment for me is to design a life filled with things that make me happy and indulge in that all day long. Even on Monday’s.

Smoke sticks with Natalie Bowen Design on The Moment, clean beauty, non-toxic beauty


The Perfect DIY Smoke Sticks

1. Gather your materials.
I used “Grandfather Sage” from my mothers garden. It is early in the year so it is still quite green. I included seasonal additions such as rosemary, lavender, veronica, tea tree and dried roses.

2. Bind your stick.
Place all your greenery together in a 6-8” line. Use twine to bind it very tight.

Smoke sticks with Natalie Bowen Design on The Moment, clean beauty, non-toxic beauty

3. Let it Dry
Let the stick dry hung upside down or flat on a paper towel for at least a week. As the stick dries it will shrink so tighten the twine as needed, or make sure you pulled it tight in step two.

4. Burn it.
Once dry, use the stick to cleanse your home or space. Use a feather to move the smoke and let the energy disperse. Try and make a “lasso” with the smoke the guide it out a door or window to truly move the energy through.

5. Make More!
Give them to a friend as a house-warming gift!

Smoke sticks with Natalie Bowen Design on The Moment, clean beauty, non-toxic beauty



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