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Social Media 101 with Megababe

Katie Sturino is a social media superstar. She’s the voice behind your IG favorites: @toastmeetsworld@the12ishstyle, and now @megababe. There’s just something about the way she talks that you feel like you’re friends with her even though you’ve never met. Probably because she’s so honest and real about what’s going on in her life, which is just so refreshing. So it’s no surprise that her new brand, Megababe, has a 14,000 person long waiting list and is carried at J.Crew, amongst other cool retailers. Katie has tapped into something major with Megababe. It’s the first clean woman’s comfort brand on the market. Yes, really the first! We love how innovative she is and we also wanted to know how she seems to be successful at everything she does, so we sat down with her and got the inside scoop.


Laney: Hi Katie! It was so great to see you the other day. I couldn’t help but notice how many hats you were wearing. Can you walk us through your typical day?

Katie: My mornings are usually the same before 8am. Wake up in the 6’s and answer my DM messages for about an hour. Meditate if I can. Get up and out with the pups and head to coffee and walk the zoomies out of Cheese. Then it’s anyone’s guess. I might have a shoot for 12ish, a call for Megababe, I might need to head to one of our manufacturers in NJ, take the dogs to a shoot….or I get to spend the day on my laptop getting work done. I love those days just as much as I love running around because I get to plan and execute. My workouts are never consistent and sometimes I get to go 4 days a week and sometimes I don’t make it at all.

These days my nights usually end with me on the couch at 8:30 watching something until 10 and then heading to bed!

Laney: Megababe is such a hit. Last I heard the waiting list for Rosy Pits was 14,000 long. It’s basically the Birkin bag of deodorant! How did you come up with it?

Katie: Mind if I steal that tag line? Flattered! I wanted something that did not have aluminum or other toxins in it. However, I found that many alternatives use baking soda which gives me a rash. Rosy Pits has a delicious smell and it works while not making me break out.


Laney: When did you decide to start Megababe and what were the biggest challenges for you in starting the brand?

Katie: I started a little over a year ago with the idea to tackle problems that I had that were being ignored by the beauty industry. I would say that the hardest part was figuring out who could help us make these products. We talked to a few people, got a few recommendations, and then went down a rabbit hole until we emerged with a lead that would work. It’s a lot of leg work on our part to track things down, but we are small and self-funded so that is what is required right now.

Laney: In addition to the deodorant, you have an anti-chafe stick (Thigh Rescue) and Boob Dust (for boob sweat), these all feel like uniquely new products to the woman’s market. How important is it to you to create products that no one else has?

Katie: I find it surprising that I actually had the opportunity to bring ANYTHING new to the world of beauty because it is so saturated, but I was really shocked to see how wide open the lane of women’s comfort products is. It’s crazy to me how many solutions we have for cosmetic issues and how few are offered for everyday comfort issues that so many women live with. There are many issues that still need fixing so I am nowhere near out of ideas.

Laney: How do you decide on your formulations and what ingredients to include/not include in your products?

Katie: We want to make products that people feel safe putting everywhere and anywhere on their bodies. We pay attention to what we want as consumers and how educated people are becoming about what they apply on their skin. We want to be with the industry leaders in the category of clean beauty.

Laney: Recently you posted that your assistant is looking for a job because you believe assistants should only be with you for a year before leaving to grow. What are some of your other business philosophies?

Katie: Help each other out. Share contacts. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or say sorry. Be nice. Make introductions. Her success is not your failure.

Megababe, Katie Sturino, Toast Meets World, The 12ish Style, Rosy Pits, Thigh Rescue, Boob Dust, The Moment, Clean Beauty, Non-Toxic Beauty

Laney: What other clean beauty products are part of your beauty routine?

Katie: I don’t use anything with parabens or phalates. That is a given.

Laney: With how many followers you have (super engaged followers no less) I can’t help but ask, what are your top 5 tips for having a successful Instagram account?


  1. Make sure that you post with authenticity. The more you show your personality, the more you’ll shine through…unless you have a terrible personality (lol) 😂.
  2. Focus on story-telling instead of just the “perfect” shot.
  3. Find a few themes and keep posting them so that people understand what you’re all about.
  4. Be sure that you’re putting some good out into the world through your platform.
  5. Interact with your followers for maximum engagement. I set aside time each day to answer all of my DM’s.

Laney: How do you stay in the moment?

Katie: I have a really hard time staying in the moment. Juggling so many businesses and being in startup mode all the time can make it hard to stay where you are, but I try to savor special moments and remain grateful for what I am doing every day.

Megababe, Katie Sturino, Toast Meets World, The 12ish Style, Rosy Pits, Thigh Rescue, Boob Dust, The Moment, Clean Beauty, Non-Toxic Beauty

Special thanks to Katie!

Photo by Diana Davis



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