Strained Yogurt Parfait

This breakfast could also make a light dessert. It’s creamy and sweet, and elegant. Sweetened with maple syrup and fresh berries, it’s just indulgent enough. Topped with a spring of mint makes it feel, and look, like a treat.

The key is the way that the yogurt is prepared. Since we don’t want to use a cow’s milk so we don’t inflame our skin, we’re going to make a greek style yogurt from sheep or goat yogurt. To make the base thicker, you strain it over a cheese cloth for a few hours so that it gets super creamy. It’s also lower in lactose and has more protein. You can also use a dairy-free option like coconut yogurt if you want to go 100% lactose free.

When you prepare this dish, take your time to make it look beautiful. Even if you’re just making it for yourself.


Strained Yogurt Parfait

The Moment's strained yogurt parfait recipe, the best morning beauty food using sheep and goat milk



  • Sheep or Goat Yogurt
  • Cheese Cloth and Bowl
  • Maple Syrup
  • Fresh or frozen Mixed Berries
  • Mint



Place the cheese cloth over a bowl. Pour the yogurt over the cheese cloth and let strain for 2-4 hours. Discard the liquid that remains. Pour 1 tablespoon of maple syrup along the edge of a short glass, cover with the strained yogurt, top with berries and a spring of mint.

Photo by Belathée for Camille Styles



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