Tea time with Everyday Oil founder Emma Allen

Tea Time with Emma Allen

Sunday mornings are usually a bit slower than the rest of the week. There’s something a lot more calming than Saturday’s; we have less to do and it’s a time to reflect and prepare for the week ahead. Today was no different. We were taking a moment to spend some time having tea with a friend, Emma Allen, in Springs, NY.

It was overcast, the rainstorm from the night before left the air a bit humid making our hair a bit frizzy. We didn’t mind. We were on our way to meet with Emma, Founder of Everyday Oil and Fait La Force. We knew we were at her house when we spotted the bright red door. Her house is beautiful; Hidden in the woods, surrounded by nature with her boyfriend and energetic pup, Hombre. We were so grateful to have been welcomed with warm hugs and a warm cup of tea.

Tea Time with Emma Allen

Her beautiful house transports us to Venice, California. The incense and Stevie Nicks playlist had a bit to do with that… and we were loving it. We felt right at home. When we first arrived, we decided to “land”. This is a new phrase that someone introduced to me a few months ago and I’ve learned to embrace it. It’s this idea that when you first arrive somewhere, you take some time to settle in… let the mind, body and soul arrive so you can be present and in the moment. (and we’re all about being in the moment). So we spent the first bit of time landing, taking off our shoes, playing with the pup and choosing which kilim and falsa blankets we wanted to throw down on the deck for our tea date.

Here is our tea date with Emma… for more of the details on her Everyday Oils check out the story here. For the rest of our conversation with this beauty-genius, check out the below!

Tea Time with Emma Allen


Amanda: Peppermint is my new favorite tea.

Laney: It’s the same one we’ve been drinking for the last couple of day. I stopped drinking green tea because I’ve been having too much of it, so I’ve had to have a constant stream of peppermint tea to keep me from freaking out.

Emma: That’s awesome. I have one cup of coffee in the morning and then sometimes a black tea in the afternoon.

Amanda: So, what are you up to these days?

Emma: I make Everyday Oil and am the co-founder of Fait La Force.

(You can read about the details of Everyday Oil here.)

Amanda: Where do you see the connection between beauty and foods? Because a lot of your ingredients are things that we consume.

Emma: I think it’s all connected. The best thing you can do for your skin is exercise, eat well and use good things on your skin. But probably, that’s the last part. If you used nothing but you exercised and ate well, that’s the main priority. It’s really interesting. Theoretically the oils are edible, but I’ve never actually…

Laney: “…never put them in a stir-fry?”

Emma: …But you could. You could try.

Laney: What are your favorite stories behind one of your oils?

Tea Time with Emma Allen

Emma: Castor oil is probably the best one

Laney: Castor oil is amazing and once I over plucked my eyebrows…

Emma: Did you put it in your eyebrows?

Laney: Yes, and they completely grew back.

Emma: They help hair grow!

Amanda: Wait, what! How did I not know about this?

Laney: Yes, if you can stomach putting it on your eyebrows, it’s really effective! I would put it on my eyebrows and it would look like a shiny caterpillar was on my face because of the thick texture.

Emma: This is how it looks when it’s just Castor. It’s very thick and almost waxy.

Amanda: I love thick eyebrows. I just got mine threaded but maybe I shouldn’t do anything to them anymore.

Laney: Oh, you can’t touch them for six months and just put castor oil on them every night.

Emma: Yea, you should just go bushy.

Amanda: I was going bushy for like six weeks, you would have been so proud but then I was thinking that I might be in a photoshoot this weekend so I wanted to get them cleaned up.

Laney: Hilary Rhoda said the best beauty advice she ever got was to never, ever touch her eyebrows. And she has the best brows!

Emma: Yea, I don’t touch them anymore. I don’t have a lot going on but I try to keep them natural.

Amanda: Alright, next time we have tea I hope to have bushy eyebrows to show off to you! Now onto our rapid fire questions.

Tea Time with Emma Allen

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Very first thing is to brush my teeth, I can’t stand to not brush my teeth!

How do you stay in the moment?

Honestly, I think making enough time for yourself, meditation time and exercise. It’s easier to be chill with people and in the moment. It bring your base down a little bit.

What do you have on you at all times?

Like on my person? At all times? There’s always Everyday Oil on me!

What is your most cherished moment?

I feel really lucky in life in general and I am just trying to be grateful for things.

Truth or dare?


Tea Time with Emma Allen

Sunrise or sunset?

Sunrise! I’m trying to be more of a morning person, it’s really hard for me. But when I am, it’s amazing to see the sunrise. It’s a lot more rare for me to see the sunrise than a sunset and I really love that.

Purchase your Everyday Oil here.



Tea Time with Emma Allen

Photography: Sally Griffiths



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