Jodi Guber Brufsky, Founder of Beyond Yoga and wellness expert, sits down for a Tea Time Interview with The Moment in her Malibu home

Tea Time with Jodi Guber Brufsky

Few people could imagine a better day than spending it soaking up the sunlight on the patio of a Malibu beach-side bungalow, drinking a smoothie. For the radiant and sociable Jodi Guber Brufsky, Founder and Chief Creative of Beyond Yoga, this is a glimpse of her everyday. “The smoothie has vegan protein powder, frozen blueberries, stevia, hemp milk, and spinach.” Brufsky explains.

Brufsky has been making waves in the athleisure community for years with her yoga studio to street chic clothing collection. Even better is Beyond Yoga’s ultra inclusive size range and commitment to decreasing their environmental footprint. Two things that are very important to us at The Moment. The brand’s collection is luxurious and durable, and we couldn’t even count how many Beyond Yoga pieces are hanging in our closets. But beyond the collection (beyond Beyond Yoga), we were so eager to meet up with Brufsky, to gain some of her business savvy, social media wisdom, and general life insight.

The Moment: Hi Jodi! Can you tell us where we are and what your company is?

Jodi: We’re in Malibu, California, my company’s Beyond Yoga. The blog is, I Am Beyond. Just like my Instagram says, I’m a mother, a wife, a lover of life.

The Moment: We love that! It’s so beautiful here. Is this your main home?

Jodi: Yes, I live here year round.

The Moment: How long have you lived here?

Jodi: 3 plus years, but I lived down the street while we were building this, so I’ve lived in Malibu for 7 years.

The Moment: With your husband?

Jodi: Yes. With Seth. He’s the best. I’m the luckiest girl ever. He’s amazing. I hit the jackpot, and I don’t mean the jackpot money wise. I mean, I found a man who loves me more, accepts me more, knows how to deal with me. Who is just amazing. AMAZING. I’m so lucky. We just work perfectly. He’s so supportive. He lets me be me. He supports me and my business. We have amazing friends. I don’t know, all my wishes and dreams came true, and if all of my wishes and dreams came true, everyone’s wishes and dreams can come true.

The Moment: How did you meet?

Jodi: I was single. I was worried I wasn’t going to meet the man of my dreams. At the same time, I didn’t want to be supported by my family for the rest of my life. It  just wasn’t healthy. I really wanted to be independent. What could I do? I had a lot of different careers, so I launched Beyond Yoga.

I woke up one day and I thought two things, first, all my friends can have someone but I can’t? That doesn’t make any sense. That doesn’t seem like a right way of thinking. And secondly, not that a woman can’t be successful, but I was running Beyond Yoga as if I wasn’t going to meet somebody. When I realized that, no joke, I met my husband. I was set up with him. We were supposed to be set up 8 months earlier and it didn’t happen. I pinch myself. I really do. But there is no perfect. There is no such thing. There’s perfect for you. But there’s no perfect. And having it all, there is no all. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s figuring all that out and what makes you happy and what you want to do. I feel blessed.

The Moment: You’re radiating with happiness!

Jodi: I feel really good. I’m very responsive, sometimes too knee jerky. I’ve been working on it.

The Moment: Well, you’re here today because you inspire us in so many ways! You’re a full time mom and business woman, and we are honored to have you on The Moment because through all of that, you still find a way to be mindful and to be present and that’s why we really waned to talk with you today. To figure out how you do it, so we can do it too!

Jodi: I’m a step mom, and I’m a full time step mom, but our girls are in boarding school and we have 50/50 custody. We’re always dealing, but it’s a little less than being a full time parent and your child living is in your home.

I was just upstairs with my stepdaughter and I said, “What am I doing. This is not who I am.” I feel like in the last week, I’ve been a little bit frazzled. There’s a lot going on. This has been the craziest 2 and a half months of my life. There have been some many good and not-so-good life events taking place, and I’m thinking about launching this new platform and giving a concept to everything I’m doing, my salons and all.

I literally said to my stepdaughter,” I am elegant, I am beautiful, I am centered. Why am I feeling this way?” I need to put pins in some things for a second and come back. Rather than doing the knee jerk reaction, it’s better to think about the next, smarter step. Asking myself, “What will keep things moving without leaping 50 steps ahead?” I can go one or two steps ahead and see what happens. I have a tendency to be off to the races because I get excited.

The Moment: How do you stay mindful in that way?

Jodi: For me, mindfulness, which is a big word, is about stopping for a second and bouncing an idea off somebody. We’re not successful in a vacuum. In work and life and relationships, we are successful in relation to the people we are in those situations with. Using those people for reflection. I think thats part of it. At the same time, I don’t understand how I’m 48 years old, it doesn’t make any sense to be. I’m 27. And I’m living to 150 so I’m actually really young. Being happy and liking who you are is so critical in the journey because if you don’t like who you are, everything’s almost impossible. The hard part is, with age comes wisdom. 

Jodi Guber Brufsky, Founder of Beyond Yoga and wellness expert, sits down for a Tea Time Interview with The Moment in her Malibu home

The Moment: We love how you mentioned your success comes with your relationships to people because that’s how we met! At a dinner at your house in Tribeca. Can you tell us more about your salons?

Jodi: I’ve been doing them since the end of last year. The first was with astrologer Danielle Beinstein. Then we had author of, Intuitive Being, Jill Willard and Body Alignment pro Lauren Roxburgh. The fifth one , the last one, wasn’t a salon per-say. I celebrated my birthday and I did a fundraiser with I AM THAT GIRL, which is the organization I’m on the advisory board for. I had a birthday party and my birthday wish was to raise a minimum of $25,000. My goal is to do this every year for my birthday. It’s a give back. Every dollar counts.

May is going to be Elissa Goodman, who is a nutritionist who survived cancer. How to eat to ward that off and be healthy and have a happy home and have it be a happy place where cancer will not dwell. They’re girl gatherings. I know we’re women but I’m eternally a girl. I like when someone calls me a girl. I don’t like when someone calls me ma’am even though it’s southern politeness.

I started them because I wanted to share all the people along the way and how they’ve influenced my life. I love my friends and I love being with them and it’s a nice way to see people that I do’t get to see a lot, let them know I think about them and care about them. We’re so busy in life. I’m much more here than I am in New York. The gatherings are about meaningful conversations and sacred connection because you’re not at a bar. You’re in a space that is sacred and safe and loving and non judgmental and inclusive. Inclusivity and generating a sense of belonging is really important to me.

Author Berné Brown inspired me through one of her books, teaching me there’s a difference between fitting in and belonging. When we’re growing up, all we want to do is to fit in. But what we really want is to feel like we belong. Belonging, you be you, and you end up being surrounded by people you’re supposed to be surrounded by. It’s an interesting lesson, especially in this time of social media. I think FOMO is so real and so prevalent. I don’t know how little girls navigate that. I can’t even imagine being a pre-teen and navigating social media.

The Moment: We are getting goose bumps just thinking about it!

Jodi: Even I, at my wise, young age of 48, even I look at social media and I have those moments! I’m like, “That looks fun, why didn’t they think to include me?” I have gotten to a place, and it’s taken me a little while, but now I look at parties and events and for the most part, I don’t feel bad. I might look at it and think, “That might have been fun to go to.” But now I have perspective and it’s a lot harder when you’re younger to have perspective.

The Moment: How has that translated to the way you manage your Instagram?

Jodi: My Instagram is growing and I’m learning about it and tracking it and part of my conversation upstairs with my stepdaughter was, “How important is it for me to grow my Instagram? What am I growing it for”?

It’s hard because in today’s world, that’s how we’re measured. We aren’t measured necessarily by the size of our clothes or our waist these days (even though that still exists). We are now measured by the number of followers and the number of likes we get. It’s such a mindfuck. Honestly, I want to grow my followers because if I’m going to spend time writing these posts and discussing things that are meaningful, I would like more people to read it. That’s a genuine authentic thing.

If I were to really dig down deep and really allow the universe to be in charge, I would say that its not about how many Instagram users you have, its about doing what makes you feel good and allowing whats supposed to happen to happen. It’s not seeing how many followers I have tomorrow, it’s about touching the people that are choosing to follow me rather than focusing on the people that aren’t. If I’m focusing on the followers to gain, I’m loosing sight of the people that are choosing to be there.

I feel like for me, I’m more mature (sometimes) and wiser, and asking myself what I want and what’s important to me. Sometimes I wish I could go live in the Mediterranean on an island with 20 or 30 other families that I knew and be in my cotton Kaftan that I bought from the local person down the street and we have a farm and a whatever and it’s like, “Prada who? Gucci what?” and not care about that. Until then, I do live in this world and I do like those nice things. It’s a constant finding of balance.

The Moment: One of the aspects we really love about your salons is the deep conversation. Is that a reflection of Beyond Yogas greater mission?

Jodi: I think it’s a reflection of me. My business is a reflection of me. I love connecting like-minded people. I love knowing what’s going on. I’m curious. It’s interesting, again, with age… It think it’s something certain people can get younger, but I got it older. My trials and tribulations are what I have to offer now. I get so much pleasure and it’s very rewarding to me. Everyone at the salon the other day was like, “I love this, the breathing changed my day, it felt so good, who knew?” It was so rewarding to me. Even if one person picks up Kundalini from it or breathing or one person works with my team, that’s why I love to do them.

Jodi Guber Brufsky, Founder of Beyond Yoga and wellness expert, sits down for a Tea Time Interview with The Moment, details of her Malibu home

The Moment: What are your priorities?

Jodi: Health and wellness are a priority. So for me, my exercise can never be sacrificed because it keeps me sane and healthy. For the most part, eating healthy, putting good things into and on my body is a priority. You only have one face so I like to go to facials and put nice creams on my skin. So those are priorities. My husband is a priority. My girlfriends are DEFINITELY a priority. I have dinner parties all the time. I like people, I like my friends.

The Moment: Ok rapid fire… How does food play a role in the way you think about beauty?

Jodi: What you put in and on your body has to do with beauty. Your beauty is a reflection of what you put in and on your body. A reflection of your heart, your soul. I do think what you put in your body is critical. I think who you surround yourself with impacts your beauty. What you read and what you watch on television, there’s so much. I do watch some bad televisions so I might need to rethink that. Absolutely with food. I’ve struggled with my weight for a lot of my life, but it’s not my weight, it’s the ability to be ok with certain uncomfortable feelings. About three months ago, I decided to cut out sugar, dairy, gluten, and I’m not that girl. I love food. I’m not that girl. I’m of the mind, you should eat what you like in moderation, but I noticed when I changed my eating and what I put in my body, it shifted me. I was way less hungry, way less driven by food. Way more even. I think that what happens is, when you are that way, it reflects in your skin and your eyes. But having moderation in doing that, it reflects right out of your skin, your eyes, everything. I notice people saying, “you look so happy!”

The Moment: How long did it take for that radiance to come out?

Jodi: I’m a healthy person and I’ve always loved healthy food. I think someone who hasn’t done that and starts that lifestyle, I think it will be more difficult but they will see a transformation where for me I think I was already partway there. But I think you can see it.

The Moment: Most cherished moment?

Jodi: My wedding day.

The Moment: First thing you do in the morning?

Jodi: Honestly, my phone. This question makes me realize I need to work hard to create a different answer. Phone calls, texts, Instagrams, emails. The first thing I want to do in the morning is 3 minutes of breathe work. I’d like to make that shift. It’s doable and it’s inexcusable if it doesn’t happen.

The Moment: Last thing you do before bed?

Jodi: Kiss my 15 year old dog, Lula.

The Moment: How do you stay in the moment?

Jodi: I stay in the moment but not multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is not a real thing. It’s doing several things at once and doing nothing well and everything suffering and I do it every day. I notice, if I’m on a telephone call and I want to be present, I have to turn away from the computer and be present. 

Special thanks to Jodi Guber Brufsky!

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