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Tea Time with Shauna Faulisi

In a mid-century apartment in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, as we snuggle up on embroidered floor pillows, a warm cup of matcha in our hands, Shauna Faulisi’s eyes glisten and a calmness washes over us. After a packed week of launch parties and photoshoots, it’s a relief to be sitting in a new friend’s sun-lit living room to chat about our passions and progress. With the 1-year anniversary launch of her holistic nutrition practice and site, Soul Wellness Method, Shauna Faulisi has a lot to share.

The Moment: We are so happy to be here!

Shauna: I’m so happy to have you here!

The Moment: Can you start by telling us a little background on you?

Shauna: My name is Shauna Faulisi, I am the founder of South Wellness Method, which is my holistic nutrition practice and lifestyle blog and community… and all-around-goodness, love, and inspiration. It’s just now turned a year old, so I feel like things are really starting to happen. In fact, I just named my Le Labo candle, “It’s Happening.”

The Moment: We love that! “It’s Happening.” So where are we right now?

Shauna: We’re home, we have paleo granola and paleo coconut chips and matcha. We’re in Hancock Park, sitting by the window with my roommate’s puppy Jacks.

The Moment: Are you on the paleo diet?

Shauna: No, I’m not on any label diet per-say, but I love a plant-based lifestyle and I love a vegan lifestyle. But I do eat eggs and I will occasionally have meat that is raised well and is healthy. Eating grain free just makes me feel amazing. But its not like a dogmatic thing everyday for any of those things.

The Moment: Since this story is going to be part of our Tea Time series, can you tell us a little about the tea we’re drinking? It’s delicious.

Shauna: I made, matcha from Matcha Bar which is a Brooklyn based company and they just opened in Silver Lake. I had to support them. I love them. They’re doing really cool things. They support working millennials. Their whole thing is, ‘good things come to those who hustle.’ So it’s just a modern approach to a traditional matcha. And then I was like, ‘you know what, lets Soul Wellness Method this up a little bit,’ so, I’ve never done this before, but I steeped some roses in water, sweetened it with about 2 teaspoons of organic stevia. I added a little bit of Renew Pearl Powder, which is amazing for skin. It’s filled with minerals, which most of them I’m very deficient in.

The Moment: We’re big fans of Renew Juicery, love their pantry items

Shauna: They’re the best!

Ingredients from Matcha Bar, Home made matcha with rose infused hot water, served in our tea time interview with Shauna, Shauna Faulisi of Soul Wellness Method, SWM, sits down for a tea time interview with The Moment

The Moment: We wanted to interview you because we are really inspired by your confidence and how you inspire others to have to same confidence and choose healthier options, not only choosing healthy food, but you really stand behind the whole message. You exercise, workout, and have this lifestyle that is very inspirational. We all want to obtain what you are providing and giving out to the universe. Let’s get into Soul Wellness Method. How did you come up with the name?

Shauna: Thank you so much! That’s so sweet. It’s a journey. I didn’t just get this way over night. It’s been a lot of work and definitely a lot of self work and learning self love and taking time for myself and slowing down. I’m still the master procrastinator, but I’ve gotten a lot better. Just slow living a little bit more, which feels so much better. I think LA is very conducive to that.

The Moment: Exactly! It’s like now in our life, in our society, we have all this pressure to multi-task and do a million things at once. When did you get to the point of… ‘this is actually not working for me, I need to slow down.’ 

Shauna: I think we can all get to a point where we are just so overwhelmed. I think the biggest thing for me was learning “no” as a complete sentence. If it doesn’t feel good, just say “no”. Actually there’s something that says, ‘if it’s a hell-yes answer, than it’s actually a hell-yes. If it’s a no, it’s actually like a fuck-no.’ If there is any part of “no”… Sometimes for black and white things, but if it’s gray, like ‘I should do that,’ or ‘I’m tired but I shouldn’t’… anything that’s kind of gray, I’ll just be “yes” or “no’ and pick a side.

The Moment: Are there any mindful practices or meditations you do to get that clear answer? A lot of people are in that gray zone a lot.

Shauna: Meditation, mindfulness, and working out. I love working out. I’m the modelFIT resident nutritionist. That really brings me in. Yoga brings me inward. I have The Den Meditation down the street, so that’s awesome. I’ll go sit in on meditations. It’s strictly a meditating studio. Again, that time that I’ve taken over the last 2 years; a year when I was in school to become a health coach and nutritionist and the past year building my business. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned in building this business is patience. I’ve become so much more patient with myself and patient with the process and learning more to be in the moment.

The Moment: What type of patience have you had to deal with?

Shauna: When I started my business I was very eager, very driven. I still am, but I’ve learned to sift through the bullshit with people I’m meeting or events that are not worth my time or dates that are not worth my time. At one point, I was going on dates with people I wasn’t really interested in, but I thought, let me just go. But now my time is too valuable. I think owning a business and having that drive that I have and knowing where I want to be, I have to be willing to give up my life to have it. So if that means just being here and doing work or just going to meeting after meeting and event after event, I’ll do it. That’s fine. As long as it’s in line with how I’m feeling.

The Moment: And it’s either a “hell-yes” or a “fuck-no”.

Shauna: Yeah! The seeds that I have been planting over the past 10 months are starting to bloom and knowing that these things don’t happen over night. I thought I could launch my website and have a full schedule of clients. So just learning that that’s’ not the case…

Ingredients from Matcha Bar, Home made matcha with rose infused hot water, served in our tea time interview with Shauna, Shauna Faulisi of Soul Wellness Method, SWM, sits down for a tea time interview with The Moment

The Moment: What have you done because you don’t have a full schedule of clients yet. Maybe that’s not the lifestyle you want to have, as you’re probably learning. Maybe you enjoy having only certain times blocked out for clients, what else do you do?

Shauna: I work with a lot of brands and I love working with them. I was able to meet a ton of faces behind the brands at Expo West. It was awesome. I’ll write for blogs, we’ll collaborate. I’m also starting to guest write for other types of blogs, for other products’ websites. I’ve learned that I have this love of photography. It’s iPhoneography. I also just recently bought a manual camera from the flea market so I’ve been teaching myself photography. I love capturing time in a slow living way. I have to wait to get it developed. With this new love, I’m starting to help brands build their Instagrams and take photos for them.

The Moment: That’s interesting that at the moment you started to slow down, you discovered something new you really enjoy as well.

Shauna: Photography is so cool. The other day it was foggy and I thought, let me go get my camera. Now I have this photo on film that’s going to be of that foggy morning. It’s really cool.

The Moment: So cool! What’s a typical ‘day in the life’ for you?

Shauna: It’s so different, I have so many things going on and so many irons in the fire. Some mornings I’m up at 6 and I’m at ModelFIT at the front desk  and I’m doing work for clients that I’m seeing there. Those mornings, it would be ideal if I was up meditating and then going, but it’s just so damn early. I just go straight there. I’ll hop in a class if I’m there. Sometimes I’ll see Soul Wellness Method clients right after, or I’ll have meetings. I’m also working with a lot of doctors’ offices because I have a background in dermatology, so I feel very comfortable in that atmosphere to start working with their patients and staff members to give them 5-day meal plans and just giving them ideas on how they can sustain their energy through their day.

The Moment: You worked in a dermatologist office! What did you do there? How did that beauty influence tie in with food and lifestyle?

Shauna: I was always a beauty junky and my mother is the biggest glamour woman, like ‘more is more.’ So I grew up with that. I started working as a rep for a dermatologist in New York. I would go to other types of offices, like OBGYN, plastics, PC, and if their patients needed a derm, they would send them to us. So when I moved out here, I was selling skincare products to doctors in Los Angeles. So I was going to offices as a rep for products or for the doctor I was repping for, getting his products into the practices. I would do trade shows and that whole rep deal.

The Moment: What does beauty mean to you now?

Shauna: It’s interesting because the past 4 months I really haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup. I’ll always put a tinted SPF and that’s kind of it. Curl my lashes and use some chapstick. But I’ve been very in the zone with a lot of things with work. Now I’m starting to wear a little bit more makeup, but I really love that period of time where I wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup because it forced me to be me without using an outward appearance that I’m constantly thinking about, like mascara to make you look at my eyes or my lips. I could radiate from the inside out.

I think that period I wasn’t wearing makeup, I was subconsciously telling people not to look at me. Now I’m feeling a flux. Maybe it’s the summer, or just where I’m at in life. I want to be out and about and maybe meet a guy and represent myself in a different way.

The Moment: Well cheers to that. It’s all about recognizing the moment right?

Shauna: Right.

Special thanks to Shauna Faulisi!

Photo by Kristine Lo



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