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The Golden Hour

Some offices do Friday afternoon happy hours… The Moment HQ does something more like a morning tonic happy hours, with matcha and golden milks on repeat. AKA Golden Hour. We love to mix up Cap Matcha Sticks with different nut milks, (brazil, coconut) and are always testing and trying new turmeric blends. They keep us warm in the winter, help us stave off coffee cravings, and they have an incredible range of beauty and health benefits. There’s nothing quite like warm love-in-a-cup to help you power through a full inbox of emails.

Beauty Benefits of Turmeric:

Turmeric is an awesome tool in decreasing inflammation, both inside and out. Take a golden milk shot every morning, or mix with honey and create a face mask- the key to getting the benefits of turmeric is to get your does daily and consistently. The manganese in turmeric supports collagen production and has shown to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles (if that’s your goal). It’s also a powerful method of detoxing the body, purifying the blood, and supporting liver and kidney function. Not to mention it aids in weight loss, combats colds, and boosts brain health (a major plus!).

Live 24K’s Golden Fuel


This Golden Fuel is all power, no funny business. When we met the Live 24K founder last fall, Minna Lee, we learned so much about combatting inflammation, and creating a turmeric blend that was ultra efficient. This blend has black pepper and coconut fat to make the turmeric super bioavailable (that means your body can absorb it and put it to work), plus collagen to make your skin really glow. They’re also super passionate about educating people about turmeric, inflammation and the like as the ingredient has totally changed Lee’s life. After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Hashimoto’s, she did some due diligent research, and found turmeric to be a powerful tool in decreasing her inflammation and making everyday tasks bearable again. Read her whole story in our Moment Maker article here.

P.S. Lee is a fabulous cook to boot. Check out their recipe section for a ton of fun ways to incorporate turmeric into your everyday.

Wunder Workshop Turmeric

For those looking for the purest form of the ingredient to use any way you like, we recommend this Golden Turmeric Powder from Wunder Workshop. We picked up a jar at CAP, so we know it’s been thoroughly vetted, is totally natural, and purely organic. The powder is ethically sourced straight from small farms in Sri Lanka, where the turmeric roots are left in the warm sunshine to dry. Because not all turmerics are created equal (Some are REALLY awful- contaminated with lead), this one is also high in curcuminoids (the chemical in turmeric that makes all the good stuff happen). Great for mixing into a mask, or for those wanting to create their own blends from scratch.

GOLDE Turmeric

We love that these GOLDE blends come with a little extra flavor. In addition to the original formula, they sell Cacao GOLDE (yummy for hot chocolates) and Matcha GOLDE (need we say more?). Their packaging is sleek, their story is one of challenge and triumph against the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis, and their ingredient sourcing is totally on point- They just announced a partnership with Diaspora Co. an Oakland and Mumbai-based collective committed to trading sustainably farmed turmeric, sans pesticides, high in curcumin, and ethically created as their farmers are paid six times the standard commodity price of turmeric. Very cool, as we like good energy poured into our products at every step. It’s also vegan.

J’s Golden Milk

As a bonus: If you’re in the NYC area, it’s well worth it to track down a bottle of J’s Golden Milk. We tasted it at an intimate press event at RA MA NYC and it’s incredible. Made with all fresh ingredients (including freshly ground turmeric) so it needs to be kept refrigerated. Also totally plant based and already in liquid form. Order online, but only available for pick-up in the NYC area.

Photo by Sally Griffiths

Styling by Paul Moreno



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