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Tonight’s Super Blue Blood Moon

The way media outlets are covering it, tonight’s super rare Super Blue Blood Moon is promised to be a spectacular event. While major lunar events seem to be a dime-a-dozen these days, this particular combo hasn’t been witnessed since 1866. That’s kind of major! We asked our astrologer friend Rose Theodora to give us some insight about what the Super Blue Blood Moon means for you and how you can benefit from it the most.


When and what

Lunar Eclipse Super Full Moon in Leo – 11 degrees. 8:26 am EST/ 5:26 am PST.

But... What is a Super Blue Blood Moon?

“Both the Moon and Sun will flank the Earth in a complete 180-degree alignment, making this Total Full Moon Eclipse.” Best seen from the Hawaiian islands or Alaska (anyone want to throw down for a one-way to Honolulu?). Although a partial eclipse will be visible from NYC. When the Total Eclipse happens, that’s when the moon will turn a shade of blood red. But what makes it Super? “It’s close proximity to Earth makes it a Super Full Moon” says Theodora. And a Blue Moon means the second full moon within the same month. It won’t actually turn blue.

What does it mean for us?

“When there is a total alignment of these light bodies (Sun and Moon), we become aware of our unconscious emotional patterns–this is why things can feel so intense, empowering, even overwhelming.

Due to its planetary alignments and signs associated Leo and Aquarius- The Moon in Leo coupled with asteroid Ceres + the Sun and Venus in Aquarius- this lunar alignment is bringing into focus where you need to honor yourself. It’s showing you how to be more direct, and how you can better balance your sensual and material desires with that of your soul’s calling.”

What can we do to put its power to work?

“With Eclipses, you can expect anything, so it’s best to surrender, clear your schedule, and meditate as much as you can right now. Eclipses are a highly transformative time that thrust us into an evolutionary path– both collectively and personally. In short, this means that areas in your life that are no longer working (that you are no longer growing from) will be brought to a close so that new doors can open for you.

I suggest going inward and tuning into yourself via meditation or other forms of reflection to see how this eclipse feels personally for you. If you listen to your heart, you’ll hear the answers.”

Special thanks to Rose Theodora



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