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Summer Textures

It’s finally really truly summer – and we LOVE that the days have gotten longer, skirts have gotten shorter – and that our newly exposed faces, legs and midriffs are finally seeing the light of day. This also means that our skincare routines are in the midst of a major revival, and we’ve found that these three products are must-haves (in addition to piles of sunscreen). There’s nothing like a product that has the power to take you someplace else, and all three of these products feel as good as they function. Ed note: don’t be surprised if your beauty routine takes that much longer because you’re having that good a time with these summer hero products.

Mun Body Toning Serum, Summer Skincare story on The Moment


Any beach-body arsenal has to involve a body toning serum, and the MUN Ayour Body Toning Serum is a real heavy-hitter. It is a powerful body treatment that soothes, softens and tones the skin while feeling precisely like you’re bathing in swathes of silk. The luscious formula wears like a serum but feels like an oil, and is chock-full of Moroccan olive oil to calm and brighten, cucumber seed oil to wage a war against free radicals, and prickly pear oil to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. We love applying a generous amount all over post-bath for super soft skin.

Root Science Reborn Youth Enhancing Face Mask, Summer Skincare story on The Moment

Beach days mean pictures, and pictures mean that photo-ready skin is a summer prerequisite. The Root Science Reborn Youth Enhancing Face Mask evens skin tone, stimulates collagen production and leaves skin glowing. Rhassoul clay is the star ingredient, which stimulates blood flow and clears pores of buildup. Joined by coconut charcoal and turmeric root, the ingredient army effectively vacuums out pores, leaving skin detoxified and balanced. For a mask to be truly satisfying, we think that a changing texture makes the product feel like it’s working, and in this case, the gray powder becomes a velvety mud when mixed with water, and dries as a gritty paste, which makes it an incredibly satisfying experience. And, you can meet the beautiful founder of Root Science in our latest video!

Too Cool For School Milky Coconut Mist Summer Skincare Story on The Moment

Like a tall drink of water for your face, the Too Cool For School Coconut Milky Mist is a milky formula fortified with coconut water, which has a similar pH level to body fluids, therefore effectively delivering hydration straight to the source. The fatty acids in coconut water forms a lightweight layer on the skin to prevent moisture loss, creating the most perfect dewy glow. Another pro tip? We’ve found that if you close your eyes tight enough, breathe in super deep and spray, you might even be able to spritz your way straight to the beaches of Playa Del Carmen.



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Summer Textures

It’s finally really truly summer – and we LOVE that the days...
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