Jimena Garcia, Eyebrow artist on clean beauty and spirituality on The Moment

The Ultimate DIY Eyebrow Oil

So, I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited by a DIY. When Jimena, of Jimena Brows, offered to make me her signature, and secret, eyebrow oil, I practically squealed. I’ve been massaging Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my brows for years, but it’s always messy, and this is a whole new take. First, it’s not just castor oil; This recipe combines additional moisturizing oils, and it’s poured into an empty mascara tube for easy application – genius! Since our photoshoot, because of course I took the props home, I’ve been using it daily as an all-natural eyebrow gel. I love the sheen it gives my brows; It feels like the perfect amount of extra, and I’ve stopped getting the split ends I used to get (yes, I got split ends on my brows).


Jimena Garcia, Eyebrow artist on clean beauty and spirituality on The Moment

“I do think the earth has everything and we can use everything from it.”

L: Tell us about your natural eyebrow oil!

J: It was really interesting because I love to see all of these eyebrow products but I do think the earth has everything and we can use everything from it. I started doing tons of research because I’m obsessed with the history of beauty. There are so many ancient formulas that have been around since the beginning of time like Ethiopia and Egypt and all the things that they used and the charcoal. That’s natural dye and that’s what they used instead of eyeliner or mascara. I thought, there must be ancient oils for the health of hair and growth. There are so many types of things that people used around the world but I think that one that’s consistent is castor oil. Vitamin E and aloe vera and sweet almond oil are fantastic as well. There are different formulas that you can use depending on the chemistry of the person, and the chemistry in the product itself. Generally speaking, the one that I think is wonderful is castor oil, sweet almond oil, and Vitamin E together.

Jimena's Natural Eyebrow Oil
  • 1/4 t Vitamin E
  • 1/4 t Sweet Almond Oil
  • 1/2 t Castor Oil

Mix the concoction together and apply / Put in your mascara tube.

Aloe Vera – Can be used as gel, super healing, lengthens and does not flake / Put real leaf in the refrigerator.

Jimena Garcia, Eyebrow artist on clean beauty and spirituality on The Moment

L: Black Jamaican castor oil is what got my eyebrows to grow back after the over tweezing. I put it on my brows every night for months and didn’t touch them and then I got them to come back.

J: It’s incredible. You can also use it on your lashes as well. You don’t want it to get in your eyes so you use a different brush but it’s good to do it while you’re sleeping because it will move around a bit so your eyes are already closed. It’s the health of the hair. We condition and clean our hair on our head, so why not our brows, especially with all that’s going on with brows and using makeup on them and microblading. We’re working through it and need to keep it healthy.

L: I get split end on my eyebrows!

J: YES! I think that’s amazing. Some people have really course hair. Castor oil smoothes the hair out so it softens. The look of it is fluffier and not as harsh. A lot of people have a lot of skin conditions, like eczema so it’s good to exfoliate your brows and it helps with the growth as well. All these natural oils help with so many things in the body, so why not use them? I make little blends and I’ve been having fun with it and experimenting.

“I think it’s really important to ask yourself even when you’re young, ‘How do you love yourself and why does it matter?'”

For those curious to make their own eyebrow oil:

The Moment: Where do you get your supplies? Trinkets, empty mascara tubes, the spatula?

J: I love old school pharmacies and one of my favorites is called ZITOMER (Upper East Side NYC). You can find all these chic trinkets there. AMAZON, you can find all types of empty tubs. The small spatula is CRATE AND BARREL.

The Moment: Favorite place to shop for pretty glass bottles?

J: ANTIQUE STORES you can find beautiful rare bottles.

Special thanks to Jimena Garcia!

Photo by Sally Griffiths



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