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Every once in a while, a maker, artist, or brand creates something so incredible, so needed and relevant, that there’s a sort of quiet, collective mourning that goes along with it knowing that they’ve probably peaked—they’ve done it!— and all of their endeavors going forward will always pale in comparison to THE THING that really launched them onto another level. Similar to a one-hit wonder, except genuinely sad because you actually loved what they made and how could they do anything better?!  

Well, all of us at The Moment are thrilled to share with you that Vintner’s Daughter has defied the odds and somehow done it again. Their new Active Treatment Essence is the follow-up to their now legendary Active Botanical Serum (a product so good we traveled to Napa to meet with Vintner’s Daughter founder April Gargiolo to get the full scoop on it) and we’re here to dry your weepy eyes because the newest addition to the Vintner’s Daughter family is just as stellar and effective. It’s the ideal companion to their first face oil, and really the perfect sophomore effort from one of the first truly all-natural skincare brands out there…because you don’t get the nickname “The Cartier of Clean Beauty” unless your products are really changing the game.

We sat down with April again to chat about her new Active Treatment Essence, how it couples with the Active Botanical Serum, and the work it took to make another product that is sure to become another clean beauty cult-favorite.


What is the one thing you want people to know about the new essence?

April: We didn’t just have one product as a marketing ploy. We only had one product because we so firmly believe in fewer and better. Essence elevates it. They are totally opposite yet totally compatible.

What was the hardest part about creating Active Treatment Essence?

April: The fermentation step. It takes months of sourcing, testing, and formulating ingredients. It took a total of 4 years in development until it was finished. Of all the work that went into this essence, that’s the part I’m the most proud of. That and the fact that we’ve stayed so true to who we are as a company from the beginning. I can say that nothing like essence exists in the world.

What would you say is the key reason this essence is so effective?

Here is why essence is amazing: it delivers all of the water soluble nutrition your skin needs, and then the serum delivers all of the oil soluble nutrition. What water allows is a much deeper penetration. You put essence on first, and then serum on top of the oil nutrition.


What was the one thing that surprised you the most as you made this product?  

April: We knew that when we were creating essence a big part of the formation was about preventing loss of hydration. We needed it to feel like a thin film that went over the skin, sealed by layer after layer of hydration. I knew the function of that and I knew that that’s what it would do to the skin and make the skin feel like, but I didn’t know what it would make the skin look like.

Essentially, though, it creates this beautiful blurring effect on the skin. It looks like moonlight on your skin. I was like “holy moly” when I put it on– I had no idea it was going to have such an instantaneous effect! I like to say that the Active Treatment Essence is moonlight and the serum is sunlight. I didn’t know that it was going to feel so cool to the touch, versus the serum which is really warm on the skin. They are just so yin and yang. What surprised me was the parts that we didn’t plan for!

Ok, now a quick question about your personal skincare. We know you love tools. Which are your favorites?

April: Celluma red light therapy. I love microcurrent.

Special thanks to April for sharing her time with us!

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