Vintner’s Daughter

Who hasn’t heard of Vintner’s Daughter and their Active Botanical Serum? It’s probably the most talked about all-natural product out there. It was an all-natural first, it’s heralded by Gwyneth, and it’s only sold at the most exclusive spots; Think: Violet Grey, Cap Beauty, Net-a-Porter. Not to mention the impressive price tag: $185, not including tax.

Since we’re all about the best of the best clean beauty, from the wild-harvested Linne Botanicals to the organic, cold-pressed Everyday Oil, we needed to do our research on Vintner’s Daughter. Is it really as incredible as everyone says? When we reached out to April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner’s Daughter, to ask her just that, she suggested ever so casually, that we come visit her at her vineyard in Napa (because yes, she really is a vintner) to find out for ourselves.

We’re not gonna lie, we went in a little skeptical. We’re not ones to like something just because everyone, even if it’s Vogue, tells us to. We were met by the bubbly, loquacious, and incredibly welcoming April. She showed us around her family’s beautiful property before sitting us down for a cup of freshly brewed tea. Over the next hour, she told us all about the creation of her cult product, why it stands out from the rest, and what’s next for the brand.

Watch to find out for yourself why you can now count us among her fleet of very loyal followers. Because yes, Vintner’s Daughter really is that incredible. 

Special thanks to April Gargiulo!

Video by Tara Sgroi



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