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It isn’t everyday that we get the privilege of visiting a brand founder in her home (even by our calendar), much less visit the home of a woman who (together with a few friends) pioneered possibly the biggest clean beauty brands on the market. Which was why a trip to Shirley Pinkson’s townhouse (1/3rd of the W3ll People founder trifecta), was more than a privilege, it was a gift!

Pinkson warmly welcomed us in to her Brooklyn home, allowed us to rearrange her furniture to get the perfect lighting for our Day to Night tutorial, and let us play and cuddle her adorable new born! We admired her antique fire extinguisher turned chic table lamp, and fawned over the group picture of her and co-founder James Walker white water rafting in New Mexico (See the picture on their blog). Let’s just say… it was a good day.

Post filming for the tutorial and sitting down with Pinkson for a live Q + A on our Instastories, we took a seat on her velveteen sofa and asked her a laundry list of burning questions. We talked to Pinkson about the future of W3ll People, how the brand brings a new level of high performance to the clean beauty space, and the one must-have W3ll People product for a night out!


The Moment: Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your journey into W3LL PEOPLE?

Pinkson: A bit about me… I’ve been a makeup artist for 27+ years, and I am a natural born beauty junkie. With 20+ years of corporate beauty under my belt (14 of those spent as a corporate leader within NARS Cosmetics), I relish in bringing a heightened level of artistry to W3LL PEOPLE.

This seeded my mission to create high performance makeup built with premium, organic, good-for-you ingredients — not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because they’re better

Frankly, my clients, my friends and, most of all, my family are a constant source of inspiration. My ability to help them make better choices fuels my drive daily. My most validating moment came when both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer within two years of each other, while there was zero family history. This is not a sad story – both of my parents are heroic survivors. What really hit home with their illness was most likely inspired by environmental factors. Here is where I can make a difference! This seeded my mission to create high performance makeup built with premium, organic, good-for-you ingredients — not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because they’re better.


The Moment: The name is unique, why the ”3”?

Pinkson: W3LL PEOPLE is an uncommon beauty trifecta founded by an elite makeup artist [Shirley], cosmetic dermatologist [Dr. Reneé Snyder], and treehugging entrepreneur [James Walker]. We’re passionate about making positive choices in life, particularly when it comes to self care.


The Moment: What makes W3LL PEOPLE unique? Within the beauty industry at large and within the clean beauty community?

Pinkson: Our commitment to authenticity, transparency and social responsibility. While quality and performance are key drivers in our business, social responsibility holds the key to maintaining our independent spirit. We’ve demonstrated our commitment to bringing the consumer a premium non-toxic cosmetic by becoming one of the first brands to be EWG Verified, the gold standard for cosmetic health and safety. Our personal mission to motivate women to make positive, powerful choices fuels all we do. This is evident in our commitment to supporting charities that elevate and empower women.


The Moment: Are there any through ingredients for the collection? What goes in to W3LL PEOPLE, and what are you sure to leave out?

Pinkson: For the record, makeup products made with natural ingredients typically look, perform and feel like conventional…sometimes even better. For example, with cream makeup formulations, you will likely experience textures that move and breathe with skin more readily. For instance, ingredients like silicone and dimethicone found in most conventional cosmetics give a “mask-like” feel on the skin. Replacing those heavy petroleum derived silicones with gorgeous natural and organic ingredients like broccoli seed oil leave your skin feeling happy and hydrated.


The Moment: What can we look forward to seeing from W3ll People? Product wise and business wise?

Pinkson: We recently launched our Bio Booster Serum, our all-in-one facial serum that boosts your beauty routine! This everything formula boasts the benefits of turmeric, sea buckthorn, rosehip oil and our hero ingredient, broccoli seed oil. Here’s a tip: Mix a drop or two with Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer for boosted benefits and flawless application.

Business wise, you can look forward to seeing W3LL PEOPLE become more accessible to our discerning, savvy natural lovers as we grow our footprint within the US.

W3ll People's Bio Extreme Lip Gloss


Rapid Fire


The Moment: What’s in your skincare routine right now?

Pinkson: Loads of vitamin C, broccoli seed oil and peptides


The Moment: Best W3ll product for a date night?

Pinkson: Our Bio Extreme Lip Gloss in the Nudist Shade


The Moment: Best W3ll product to travel with?

Pinkson: Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer with SPF 30


The Moment: W3ll product you’re always recommending to friends?

Pinkson: Expressionist Mascara


The Moment: What’s your most cherished moment?

Pinkson: The birth of my son, Seb


The Moment: First thing you do in the morning?

Pinkson: Have a cup of coffee – that’s a big one


Must have beauty food?

Pinkson: Tumeric


The Moment: Favorite wellness spots in NY?

Pinkson: MNDFL


The Moment: Where do you feel most at inspired?

Pinkson: Santa Fe, NM

Special thanks to Shirley Pinkson!

Photo by Julie Florio



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