What is Beauty Anyways?

Last fall, Sable Massingill, founder of BeautyScapes reached out to The Moment about coming together to collaborate on a really special project. Sable’s site aims to redefine beauty, just like ours; Her About Page reads, “Beauty exudes through many different forms, like the Earth’s variety of landscapes. Our differences are the essence of womanhood from every topography of life, creating our unique beautyscape.”

Beauty is an extremely personal experience, colored by our ages, our backgrounds, and the industries we work in. But we wanted to know what (if anything) connected these experiences. So Sable decided to ask 12 different women of varying walks of life the same question, ‘How do you define beauty?’ It’s a simple question, but what we discovered had to do a lot less with shades of lipstick, and a lot more with connectivity; Connection to ourselves, our world, and our communities. We hope this inspires you today to reflect and rejoice on the unique beauty you bring to this world today and everyday.


A Note From Sable // Artist Statement :

“I’m always inspired by the beauty other women see in the world, how they live, and what they consider to be beautiful. When someone shares what makes their eyes light up or what puts a smile on their face, it’s contagious. However, I’ve noticed women rarely express when they feel the most beautiful. This project gives women I find to be not only beautiful, but smart, strong, and driven to make an impact for other women, the chance to share when they feel the most beautiful. The women I spoke to have those similarities, but also have different backgrounds and perspectives; That is powerful. Too often we compare ourselves to others, especially those we deem “beautiful” while we critique and focus on our differences, but not our similarities.

I hope this project inspires The Moment x Beautyscapes community to think about how they actually define beauty and what they do or can do everyday to embody that definition. Taking small conscious steps to truly shine and carry out beautiful acts works wonders for one’s well-being and sense of self. Know that you aren’t lacking anything. Something beautiful you see in someone else doesn’t make you any less beautiful. (It’s crazy to think we are all so individual on a DNA and cellular level- there is no one else like you!) We aren’t mass produced (& our products and ideas shouldn’t be either).

This project is part of my heartbeat come to life! I love giving women the space and platform to share their thoughts and ideas, not only on beauty and products, but their background and perspectives. So many of the decisions we make in life are tied back to our identity and how we treat ourselves from day to day, I love connecting these dots. Connecting with my roots led me to launch Beautyscapes and co-create a natural aloe-vera serum with Volition Beauty that was inspired by grandmother (who is featured in this post!)

– Sable Massingill 




“I may be a bit biased on that one because I’m French 🙂  After 17 years living in LA, each time I go back to my home town Paris, I’m stunned by the beauty of French women. I tried to figure out why? They are not plastically as beautiful as LA girls, their nails are not freshly manicured, nor their hair daily blow dried and their wrinkles erased by injections. Instead, la femme Francaise seem to embrace her years and age gracefully with a “je ne sais quoi” of “fabulousness.” That fabulousness at all age is for me is the epitome of beauty. They are the incarnation of “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” Coco Chanel

First work on your inside glow: love and be loved. Tackle the outside glow by pampering your skin, as it is your visiting card to the outer world. Be yourself and cultivate your own sense of style. Learn one new thing every day. Carry yourself with good posture. Last but not least rejoice in the art of being feminine all the way into your 90s.”

-Valerie, Founder of Odacite@odacite


“I define beauty as owning the choices I make in my life everyday. Each moment we have choices on how we react, what we wear, products we use and our lifestyle. Being strong enough to stay true to yourself and what you believe in is truly the best thing. I embody this most when I’m living my life to the fullest, when I feel connected to nature, when spending time with my animals and when exploring. This leads me to not only learn more about myself but everyone around me. I start to see the beauty in the world. When I’m open to every opportunity life throws my way, I feel beautiful and find that it is always for the best.”

-Sable, Founder of Beautyscapes, @beautyscapesco

“When I think of beauty I am reminded of my first yoga and spiritual teachers who passed on the Navajo concept of the Beauty Way as walking the spiritual path, the holy life.  (A link for more info is here, it’s so important to educate ourselves about Native concepts.) I embody this most when I am being in service, working mindfully with my hands and the elements, offering my personal Medicine in the form of my natural dyed textiles and clothing, my teachings and especially my sound bath meditations.”

-Victora, Sound Bath and Textile Artist, @v_keen
Photographer Zoe Nissman

“I define beauty by acts of kindness and caring for fellow man. That’s the only way to feel and be truly beautiful. I feel the most beautiful when I’m surrounded by my kids and grandkids, and I know that they care because of my love for them.”



“I define beauty as having “inner peace.”  It’s a state of mind where you are content with exactly where you are in life and you are truly able to live and enjoy that moment. I feel this way most when I am with my family. My 2 boys take me out of my day-to-day routine and bring me to a magical land of playing pretend, reading stories, and sharing hugs. My husband makes me feel this way by giving me his undivided attention when we are together and showing me his unconditional love each day.”

– Michelle, Founder of Ranavat Botanics, @ranavatbotanics


“I define beauty as loving yourself and letting it exude from within. It’s not just physical attractiveness; Beauty is a state of mind, a glow that’s contagious. I embody beauty when I am genuinely smiling. People tell me my smile is my best feature. I enjoy smiling when I see people who are not smiling in hopes to brighten their day.”

-Cayana, Founder of Party BeCause, @partybecause

“Beauty is a state of mind. I am a believer that beauty is constantly evolving. A person’s origin provides a certain lens in which they can examine beauty and the beauty of others. Beauty is homogenous, so there are different interpretations. For myself there are days where I am “done up” head to toe and I feel fierce, beautiful, and unstoppable. Those are the days that I feel like I can accomplish anything. But there are also days where I am completely bare faced and I feel carefree and at peace with myself. Beauty to me is not a standardized concept. We have the ability to define and embody it how we choose, and to me that is beautiful.”

– Vilmaris, Engagement and Leadership Development Manager at Conexion Americas, @vilmarieeeg

“Wow! Great question and a hard one to answer since beauty isn’t something that has edges that you can run your fingers along or pull off a shelf or find in a jar. Well, there are beautiful objects, beautiful works of art, beautiful people but for me, they are all a physical manifestation of a feeling. Beauty is a sensation. Beauty is a vibration. It’s warm and inviting. It’s positively powerful and irresistible. I embody this feeling most when I’m centered, grounded, and tapped into the universe. It’s like the Rumi quote, ‘Shine like the whole universe is yours.'”

-K’era, Artist and Textile Designer, @k_apostrophe

“I think beauty comes with humble confidence – taking care of yourself, and being comfortable in your own skin. As I get older, I continue to embrace qualities that make me unique rather than trying to make myself mold to other people’s standards. For physical beauty, this can mean letting my unibrow grow in rather than obsessively plucking, or worse, waxing it. I just don’t feel the need to subject myself to physical pain so that I can fit a mold. For beauty in terms of personality, an example for me could be not always being “on” – letting myself have respites and take breaks when I need to, instead of feeling like I always need to be doing something or socializing with people. Everyone has their own unique qualities, and that is what makes us so special. Embrace those differences in a humble way and you will shine.”

-Caitlin, Founder of Thread Caravan@threadcaravan

Women of Beauty, Clean Beauty, The Moment
“I define my own sense of beauty through my strength and through my blackness. So much of who I am has been given to me by my ancestors. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than a black women who knows who she is. I embody that type of strength in every moment of my life, even when I am weak I have
the power of millions behind me.”

-Morgan Ashley, Founder of Bohemian Eats and Director of Operations & PR for The Bohemian Brands, @oaklantathebohemian

Women of Beauty, Clean Beauty
“To me, beauty is when I follow my instincts. Beauty is when I trust in my purpose and listen to my creative spirit. Beauty is exemplifying to my two young children that I believe in myself and my ability to make great change.”

-Molly, Founder of Luna Zorro, @lunazorro

The Moment Clean Beauty
“I believe that beauty is shaped by our cultural fabric. The traditions, rituals, and mantras passed down for generations in our respective cultures, define our unique beauty ideals. But the universal sign that a woman feels beautiful is when she’s smiling. Not the type of smile worn as a pose for a photo or a grin to be polite, but a genuine manifestation of the joy and confidence that pours onto her lips. I embody the definition of beauty most when I embrace my deep skin tone and natural curls. These physical features personify my multicultural background, which I am so proud of.”

-Lyndsay, Founder of Beauty Atlas Magazine, @beautyatlas

Special thanks to Sable Massingill!



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