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What The Hell is CoQ10?

Coenzyme Q10 is catching more and more buzz as of late. We’ve seen it in the Indie Lee Toner and GoopGlow, but what is it? It sounds a lot different than the ‘olive oil’ and ‘rosewater’ ingredients we’re used to seeing. Maybe a little too scientific to be in our clean skincare regime? But it’s actually the best thing ever. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring vitamin-like, oil-based, fat-soluble substance that’s been proven to decrease early signs of aging. Basically, it’s the future of skincare and we’ll bet that you’ll be hearing about it and seeing it on packaging more and more.

So if it’s naturally occurring why do we need more of it? Well because environmental factors (aka living) can deplete the presence of CoQ10. Natural production also declines with age. Putting the enzyme on your skin, or even taking supplements (under a doctors recommendation) can promote healthy skin, neutralizes free radicals, slows down visible signs of aging caused by UV damage, and halts oxidative stress in its tracks.

There are more and more products popping up on the market that are formulated with CoQ10 because it’s that good. In Tokyo, products are EVERYWHERE (probably because the Asian skincare market is lightyears ahead of the U.S. and Europe in skincare R&D). Stateside, it’s gaining more traction, as it should. Are you using CoQ10? Any before or after pics to share?

PS. It also goes by the name… ubiquinol

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