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Why Nootropics Are The Nue Wave

When I walked into The Nue Co supplement store on West Broadway this week to preview their new product, Nootro-Focus, their genius product developer shook my hand and asked, ‘Do you know what nootropics are?’ Actually, I did! I had learned about them a few months ago when reading a book my boyfriend got for Christmas called Game Changers by Dave Asprey (the inventor of Bulletproof coffee). The book was a trip, and it wasn’t ordinarily the kind of thing I’d read, but it gave some really interesting insights into how to optimize your mind, body, and soul for its best performance. This is also known as bio-hacking. Again, not usually the type of book I’d choose! But interesting none-the-less.

The book covered a whole section on ‘smart drugs’, AKA nootropics. You know them as caffeine, nicotine, and Adderall, but there are plenty of more natural forms that I’d yet to learn about that aren’t such big household names. My first thought was, YIKES! I stay away from these substances as much as possible; Even caffeine is too intense for my system. But these substances promised better focus, improved cognitive function, better memory, and more creativity. Yet still, at the time, I completely wrote them off.

Then came The Nue Co’s Nootro-Focus supplements (which officially launches TODAY). After a talk with The Nue Co Founder Jules Miller and their brilliant product developer, I began to see the light. I learned that the right kind of nootropic substances, like those found in Nootro-Focus, have the power to give your brain a leg up and improve brain health over time by increasing your alpha brain waves; These are the slow slopping waves that our brain makes when we are in a state of mindful meditation. Amazing! Their nootropics aren’t just safe… they’re beneficial to promote an incredibly healthy brain.

Like anything they produce, The Nue Co just does it better. They are in their own lane when it comes to supplements and ingestibles because they are transparent, well researched, and totally innovative. If anyone can make brain-health sexy, it’s them. We knew you’d want to know more and do your own research, so we asked Nue’s Jules Miller all of the burning questions you’d want us to ask below :


Natural Nootropics, Nootropics, NootroFocus, Nootro-Focus, The Moment, The Nue Co, Clean Beauty, Ingestibles, Brain Health, Healthy Brain, Enhance Focus, Non-toxic Beauty, Beauty is Wellness, Green Beauty, Luxe Green Beauty

Kendall: What is a nootropic? Do they really make you smarter?

Jules: The word nootropic was coined in 1972 by Romanian psychologist and chemist, Corneliu E. Giurgea, from the Greek “nous” meaning mind, and “tropein”, meaning to bend or turn. A nootropic is defined as something that can increase or aid cognitive function.

In essence, a nootropic is a supplement which enhances your brain’s performance, output and has the potential to improve memory, focus and in turn, productivity. But not all nootropics are created equal – the majority of products in this space are all about the short term gains – helping you power through to a deadline, or all-nighter. They pick you up, but then leave you crashing down; doing nothing for your brain health long term.

Kendall: What are some common examples of nootropics?

Jules: The most common example of a natural nootropic is caffeine, as it’s simply a mental stimulant. Another pretty well-known example would be products like Adderall or Modafinil. Then you have specific extracts including, L-Theanine or Creatine which are designed to aid concentration.

Kendall: Are they safe?

Jules: It’s a broad statement to suggest that all nootropics are safe. As with any product, you have to do your research or trust that the company you’re buying from has done theirs. Safety and transparency were really important for us with this product, since nootropics have lived in the “shady” side of the supplement industry. There are endless stories about people blending, or self-dosing with unregulated nootropics and doing themselves real harm.

Kendall: What makes Nootro-Focus different?

Jules: Nootro-Focus is designed to help you focus in the short term, but also helps your brain health long term.

Our formula contains just six ingredients, five of which are totally natural. We’ve taken the absolute best of nature: Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Rhodiola, L-Theanine, and Gingko and blended it with the best of scientific innovation – the hero ingredient in this blend is a compound called Citicoline. Citicoline is produced naturally in our bodies but we’re unable to up our levels through diet since it’s not found complete in any food sources, and like lots of elements, it decreases as we get older. We are using a ground-breaking form of citicoline which is 99.8% pure, created using a patented fermentation process.

Five years ago no one wanted to talk about gut health, but now it’s such a focus in our health picture. I think the same will happen with brain health.

Kendall: When should we use nootropics? What are the benefits of a healthy brain?

Jules: Nootro-Focus has been designed to be used daily – we recommend taking two capsules every morning with food. Launching this product has been really interesting as it’s driven forward the conversation around brain health and what that means. You know, five years ago no one wanted to talk about gut health, but now it’s such a focus in our health picture. I think the same will happen with brain health, right now it’s not a “sexy” topic, but we need to take care of our brains in the same way we would the gut and skin.

Kendall: This all sounds amazing, but what research and testing have been done to back it up?

Jules: The ingredients in our formula are clinically proven to increase the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the compound the fuels the brain by 13.6% in six weeks, and increase the formation of brain cell membranes by 26%.

Kendall: Why did you want to create Nootro-Focus?

Jules: In recent years my ability to sustain focus, concentration and memory in the midst of working 14h days consecutively has become impossible. My job requires constant energy and focus, so whilst energy supplements help – energy and focus are not the same thing. With Nootro-Focus, we developed a nootropic of the future. One that has the ability to improve my focus within 60 mins, but can also help with brain function & memory long-term.

Kendall: Is there anything else in our lives we should examine while on this journey to a healthier brain? Any foods or activities we could be doing to support it, or foods/activities we should consider stopping because it hinders brain health?

Jules: We probably all know this, but a great place to start is regularly moving our bodies. Whether it’s making a conscious effort to get up from your desk and walk around the block, or book in a class to hold you accountable, exercise is a really simple and achievable way to help improve blood flow and memory as it stimulates chemical changes in the brain that enhance learning, mood and thinking.

Special thanks to Jules!

Photo courtesy of The Nue Co



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