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When our L.A. photographer, Kristine Lo (you’ve seen her work here, here, and here) mentioned her new wellness venture, we had to know more. Turns out, our photographer extraordinaire is also an entrepreneur set on changing the way we work. Together with her partner Mikayla Mitchell, they have shed a new light on the concept of shared workspace.

Kristine and Mikayla launched WKRSPC Oasis, a popup series in Los Angeles, a few months ago. The elevated popups host co-working and wellness days that include holistic facial and reiki healing sessions, group meditations, social media workshops, healthy lunches, and co-working and collaborating with a beautiful community of women entrepreneurs and visionaries…. just to list a few activities. Sounds like a total dream, right? Especially perfect for any women looking to deepen their wellness journey, while simultaneously finding their new business partner.

If attending a WKRSPC Oasis event, one can expect health and wellness poured into every aspect of the experience as Lo and Mitchell have partnered with the best of the best to deliver community, education, beauty, nourishment, and healing. We sat down with these lovely ladies to find out more about how they choose their partners and craft their workshops:

P.S. The support and love emanating from the WKRSPC Oasis Instagram account is so inspiring – it’s an account you won’t regret following:)


Workspace Oasis, Wrkspc Oasis, Kristine Lo, Mikayla Mitchell, The Moment,

The Moment: Hi Kristine! Hi Mikayla! How are you? Where are you?

We’re doing amazing and are so grateful to be featured on The Moment! We are currently in Venice, California planning our next WKRSPC Oasis popup and manifesting the expansion of our offerings.

The Moment: How did you two meet and start working together?

We met at a meditation circle in Venice earlier this year. We bonded over our similar freelance struggles and wellness journeys through holistic and spiritual ways of healing. We also realized that most of the co-working spaces were primarily focused on men and lacked an authentic community. We envisioned a space for working women that facilitated community and promoted wellness. We wanted it to exist, so we created WKRSPC Oasis!

The Moment: Can you introduce us to WKRSPC Oasis, your mission, and how you got started?

WKRSPC Oasis is a sacred container for women’s co-working and gatherings. Our intention is to provide a space for women to work, make genuine connections, and have access to holistic and business offerings. Since our launch event in April, we have received such positive feedback and support for our past 6 elevated co-working + wellness days. We love the support from our growing community and it inspires us to expand and provide more opportunities for women to connect!

Workspace Oasis, Wrkspc Oasis, Kristine Lo, Mikayla Mitchell, The Moment,

The Moment: How did your backgrounds inform your decision to create WKRSPC Oasis?

Kristine: I graduated with a degree in Public Health with the intention to promote health and wellness for communities. Prior to pursuing my passion of photography full-time, I had so many different job experiences and was formerly a finance manager for a photo agency. It’s a dream to currently be able to create content and nurture fashion, lifestyle and wellness brands for a living. Co-creating the concept of WKRSPC Oasis has been an amazing opportunity to express my creative and business pursuits as well as provide something meaningful for others.

Mikayla: I started in corporate finance, but transitioned into wellness a few years ago. I’m also one of the co-creators of Conscious City Guide, so I’m definitely plugged into the conscious event space. It was a smooth transition to be able to create our own event from that platform as well, and it’s an amazing community to be a part of. I knew if we created something, we at least wouldn’t have to worry about how to get our event up and running. It’s truly a blessing to already have had some sort of experience with business prior to launching WKRSPC.

The Moment: Why was creating WKRSPC Oasis important to you and why do you feel it is important for other women?

Kristine: I’ve sought out holistic ways of healing from stress, anxiety, digestive issues, and the emotional rollercoaster of running a business. Like others who are drawn to wellness, I’ve learned that a holistic approach and mindfulness practice is essential. I truly believe that in order to be successful, you need to invest in yourself and have a supportive community. It’s truly a gift to witness women feel so supported through their experiences at WKRSPC Oasis. Our community consists of amazing female creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, holistic healers, and all-around inspiring women. We strive to support them in their business and wellness journeys. We’re so grateful we have manifested this support for ourselves and our community through WKRSPC Oasis.

Mikayla: I’m extremely sensitive, and I think a lot of women are becoming more in tune with their emotions and intuition. There’s this notion that you can only succeed in LA if you’re a hustler. While that may be true for some, there are so many other types of women out there who need support, especially the ones who identify more as introverts. Prior to starting WKRSPC, I felt as if I didn’t fit in because I didn’t have endless amounts of energy to create a business. I am truly in awe of the women who can go full force into creating a business with seemingly endless energy – they are my heroes. I also think that since there are different types of people, there are also different ways to approach business. If we can even help one woman to relax her nervous system by providing a safe space to ground and connect, then we are at least helping someone who might not have found support somewhere else.

Workspace Oasis, Wrkspc Oasis, Kristine Lo, Mikayla Mitchell, The Moment,

The Moment: Who are some of the teachers and what are the brands that you partner with?

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing, supportive women in wellness. Ayurvedic practitioner, Julie Bernier, led our first Self Care Workshop. She shares her warm guidance and knowledge of Ayurvedic principles. Licensed Therapist, Business Coach and Founder of Runwalktalk, Sepideh Saremi attended one of our first events and has offered one-on-one business coaching. She guides you to intuitively discover any limiting blocks you may have regarding success in business. Hayley Wood and Tara Curran of SKIN FOOD TALK are amazing. They provide such a wealth of Holistic expertise in skincare and nutrition. Their talks and one-on-one sessions promote self-care practices that go deeper than the surface. OSEA Malibu is an amazing vegan skincare line we’ve partnered with to provide mini holistic facials during our elevated co-working + wellness days! Since we seek to only promote conscious companies, we are so proud of all the other brands that contributed in the past and made our events so special.

The Moment: What are some of the things you’ve learned from the women teaching or attending WKRSPC Oasis since beginning last April?

We underestimated how many women also felt isolated working from home or remotely at coffee shops. In our meditation and sharing circles, we learned there’s something so powerful when women can hold space for each other. Witnessing other women connect outside of our events is also really amazing. We wanted this to exist, not knowing if others will appreciate it, but the feedback we’ve received has been so positive. To manifest a community that wants more authentic experiences supports the importance of what we’ve created.

The Moment: How often do events take place and how can we get updates about upcoming events?

We are currently hosting monthly co-working + wellness popups in Venice at The Parachute Hotel. We share our events through our newsletter and social media. Can’t wait to connect with you at our next WKRSPC Oasis popup!

Workspace Oasis, Wrkspc Oasis, Kristine Lo, Mikayla Mitchell, The Moment,

Special thanks to Kristine and Mikayla!

Header and Final Photo by Brianna Vail

Additional Photos by Kristine Lo



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