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Your Signature Scent Just Got Cleaner

Valentine’s Day is happening. It’s a thing. And it’s next week. Undoubtedly you’ll be seeing more than a few ‘date night makeup tutorials’ and KKW Beauty Chocolate Heart replicas populating your IG feed. And, perfume. It’s the one day a year where almost everyone breaks out their signature scent for a fancy dinner or sweet walk in the park, or to share with your friends at your Galentines party- if you have no shame like we do and have no problem calling it that 🙂

Not to be a huge downer on this smell-good love fest, but most fragrances are actually super toxic. It’s that word ‘fragrance’. It’s so unregulated and can mean literally anything. Many companies use it as a legal loophole to coverup irritants and toxic ingredients that can be carcinogenic and endocrine disruptors. Crazy, huh?

The answer isn’t to swear off fragrance completely, just to look for ones that are cleaner, non-toxic, and essential oil based. Enter DedCool. A clean vegan scent brand made in L.A. There are six super yummy signature scents to choose from, and they’re uni-sex (two for the price of one?) If you ask us, they make a much better gift for your valentine. However, we still had a few questions about this whole fragrance business- so we sent an email to founder Carina Chazanas to shed a little bit of light on this mysterious world of perfume.


The Moment: Hi Carina! First of all, how did you get started as a perfumer? Does it run in the family?

Chaz: My parents started their Green Body + Skin care company- LaNatura in 1987. As an only child, I spent most of my time at my families manufacturing facility- call it my playground.

My first ever fragrance “Carina Chaz (CC) NO. 13  was created in 2007, at 13 years old. I have always been fond of strong female leaders so this was my ode to COCO CHANEL. When I was 16, I created my first line called “Carina Chaz”. This line embodied who I was as a young teen- the brand resembled the different moods of young teenage girls, the line contained 4 roll on scents called: Shye, Believe, Once, and Taunt- which is now carried into the DedCool collection as: Fragrance 01 “Taunt”. Not many people know this, but the brand is still around 🙂

In 2015, I had just turned 20 and couldn’t identify with the Carina Chaz brand anymore. My good friend said “Change the name” and that is how DedCool was born. With the name change came a whole new concept and identity.

The Moment: Can you shed some light on this mystery term, ‘fragrance’? DedCool is a non-toxic line, but also uses this term. Why do even non-toxic brands use it and how can consumers be sure they are getting something clean?

Chaz: I am aware that there are issues with the word “fragrance” and synthetics- I would like to clear up the air with that.

The word “synthetic” can mean so many things and puts my fragrances in a complex category… it is stigmatized by people who aren’t understanding the difference between fragrance brands that are clean and the typical mainstream brands. Our line is 100% non toxic and we use the highest quality ingredients.

We use technologies to naturally isolate particular molecules from genuine essential oils, and use these new components to scent products rather than incorporating whole essential oil- with this said, some of the scents are created in our lab with safer kinds of aromatic molecules.

Unfortunately, there is not other word we can use. As the green world is progressing, we are hoping there will be new terminology for our category.

When people use the word “fragrance” it is really just a vernal term that keeps their scent formula safe.

The Moment: So it’s all about confidentiality- not giving away the secret recipe. Why did you want to create a non-toxic, vegan line?

Chaz: Being from Los Angeles-I was raised with a holistic lifestyle.

With DedCool, I wanted to create a new “category” of fragrance. Being an avid collector of fragrance, I was unable to enjoy the scents due to the negative reactions I would get from the harsh ingredients. I was constantly breaking out in hives or experiencing that overwhelming fragrance headache. I wanted to create a “cool” green fragrance without the stigma of “granola” scents because of the ingredients.

The Moment: Do you have any tips on finding your signature scent? 

Chaz: With DedCool, I always suggest people buy the sample pack. It’s important to try fragrance on your skin. Not all at one, of course. I recommend trying a new scent each day.

The Moment: What new scents or projects we can expect in the near future?

Chaz: Exciting news! We will be launching 3 to 5 new scents this spring. The scents will be named as opposed to numbers and this line will only be in 100 ML bottles and will not be accompanied by a roll-on. We may or may not make 1 oz sprayers, but we shall see.

I am really looking forward to this launch as I can’t wait for my new signature scent: ROCCO (mint).


Special thanks to Carina Chazanas!

Photo by Sally Griffiths

Prop Styling by Paul Moreno


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